1N, datasheet for 1N – SILICON 3-LAYER BILATERAL TRIGGERS provided by New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.. 1N pdf. 1NA,AA. Leakage Current. IBeth Direction!). (Applied Voltage • 14 Voml NJ Semi-Conductors encourages customers to verify that datasheets are . 1N Datasheet: Silicon 3-Layer Bilateral Triggers, 1N PDF Download New Jersey Semiconductor, 1N Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet.

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High-Voltage Transistors These high-voltage transistors are designed for driving neon bulbs and Nixie” indicator tubes, for dtaasheet line operation, and for other applications requiring high-voltage capability at relatively low collector current.

BoxPhoenix, Arizona Zener diodes are also available as specials. Since the important characteristics depend on the type of device, the selection tables take different forms.

A A, The low power dissipation and flexible power supply requirements of this family of devices greatly simplify power supply design, and the high noise immunity and large fanout capability reduce parts count and simplify printed circuit board layout. Contains Three Independent Demodulators. The device types are listed in order of decreasing f T and increasing l 1n57600 continuous. R 1N 1N 1N Evaluation Module This complete board has all of the M family dovices for ease of parts evaluation.

Ack Electronics Inc. Parts Inventory List

ROMs which are specifically intended for use with the M Microcomputer Fam- ily are shown in another table. In this plastic-encapsulated package, which is slightly larger than the small signal case, the collector is mounted on a metal tab that extends out of the case. R IN Same as above, but with a different pin arrangement. The devices are listed in decreasing order of V CE0 and l c continuous. The combination of high-gain and low-noise have made these standards popular for many years.


They are heavily gold doped and processed to provide very short switching times and low output capacitance below 6 pF.

See Appli- cation Note AN for design details. The devices are listed according to increasing Current-Gain f T. Thai phrase apily describes the number of different classifications in Motorola’s line of small-signal transistors.

CD G suffix denotes Metal Can. Gain control, decoupling, source and load impedances and load mismatch are treated and instructions for building a test fixture are also provided. Both amplifier and mixer devices are included. The requirements on the microprocessor bus are especially stringent. The optional modules can be arranged to represent the user’s proposed system, optional Resident Software permits editing, assembling, and modification of programs.

For complete information contact your nearest Motorola sales office or franchised distributor. Improved version of MC Programmable logic is designed to replace hardwired logic and costly custom microcomputer functions. The output mode is lower, requiring for more usable output leve probably the lator since it pproximately economy. Extremely fast rise time 2. The transistors are listed in decreasing order of noise figure NF.

All devices encapsulated in Case 41, exceptions shown. The McMOS family is available in a wide variety of basic and complex logic functions at medium speeds and very low power dissipation.

Devices are available in packages offering choices of viewing angle and size in either low cost, economical, plastic cases or rugged, hermetic, metal cans.

Today, Motorola serves the industry with an incomparable line of zener and avalanche regulator diodes, temperature compensated reference devices, and a host of integrated circuits designed to provide the exact degree of regulation required, at the point in the circuit or system where it can be used most conveniently at the lowest cost. Highar cost than above plastic series.


_Motorola_Power_Device_Data Motorola Power Device Data

Use of special measurement equipment and voltage standards provide calibration directly traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

AGC H3nge – 66 dB mm. A special device number SCMxxx to each individual pattern. TABLE 2 Theses devices are designed to use on applications where good Hpg linearity and low noise caracteristics are required: Methods of mounting and heat-sinking both stud and flange type packages are described.

This stabilizes circuit performance for variations in device parameters. Out- put capabilities range from 15 watts at MHz to 2 watts at 6 GHz.

Metal Packaga Higher cost 25 40 60 0.

(PDF) 1N5760 Datasheet download

The following pages include applications for Linear Interface Integrated Circuits. Butlar MC 1 Full capability package, pre-tailored to customer. Devices are listed in decreasing order of NF. Motorola offers the designer a choice of specifically designed integrated circuits for performing phase-locked loop functions, such as, phase detection, frequency division, filtering, and voltage controlled signal generation.

These gate arrays keep costly layout and engineering manpower to a minimum. Resident Software Used with the EXORciser or Evaluation Daasheet, this package consists of the Editor – for editing operations on linos or character strings – end the Assembler – wh ich uses a two pass operation to 15n760 listing and object tape.

Motorola offers its entire vast repertoire of discrete small-signal tran- sistors for multiple-device packaging. FM transmitter power amplifier and low pass filter. The following devices are the most popular consumer amplifier transistors: The devices are designed to deliver load current to 1 Adc.

O48 1N 0, 1N 0.