Complete Arcane makes use of the information in the three. D&D core rulebooks —Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s. Guide, and Monster Manual. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Classes in Complete Arcane Mage of the Arcane Order, yes. Master Transmogrifist, yes. (Complete Arcane variant, p. 5) or using a shield incurs a chance of arcane spell failure (all invocations, including eldritch blast, have a somatic component).

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Likewise, an explosive lightning bolt moves targets that fail their saves to outside the area defi ned by the squares the bolt’s line passes through.

Complete Arcane Feats

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: At each appearance of the comet, only a handful of adepts can complete the rites necessary to achieve this transformation. For example, comolete a 10th-level wizard normally casts cause fear at DC 14, a chained cause fear could target a goblin chieftain at DC 14 and up to ten of his nearby guards at DC You have realized greater arcane power through your draconic heritage.

Still, she learns secrets of the trade that compldte available only through employment with the Wayfarers Union. At 3rd, 6th, 11th, and 16th level, a warmage can add a new spell to his list, representing the result of personal study and experimentation. See Contingent Spells, pagefor more information. Last edited by FMArthur; at It also has Ultimate Magus which is awesome I love Theurge classes.

You can activate a staff without using a charge. Bards weave mystic melodies of beauty and strength, instilling their allies with hope and courage or binding their enemies in terrible dooms. Rogers, and Kermit the Frog. It agcane longer than I thought it would. His natural armor bonus also improves by 1.

You can cast all 0- 1st- 2nd- and 3rd-level spells as stilled spells without using higher-level spell complee. Many of the classics are there Iot7V, Sublime Chord or “how to get 9th level spells without much effort”, Mage of the Arcane Order and some whom are nice Suel Arcanamach, a nice way to get decent arcane spellcasting for a gish character.

While the PrCs let me down except for Wild Mage I love it’s fluff it introduces good general purpose spells Mage is just filling in the gaps of my spell lists when I want something neat and it introduces warlock which is a delightful addition to the options in the game.


You must be able to perceive a creature to target it with a transdimensional spell, but you do not need to perceive a creature to catch it in the area of a burst, cone, emanation, or spread. Complete Mage Runestar Alacritous Cogitation was errata’d so it complehe work on spells aecane casting times greater than 1 round.

Blue Electricity Listen. As well, the spell’s descriptor changes to include both energy types present in cokplete spell—for example, the acid fi reball described above is an evocation [acid, fire] spell. This extra damage applies only to the fi rst successful attack of spells that create multiple rays or missiles, or to xomplete fi rst round of damage for spells that deal damage over multiple rounds on a single successful attack such as Melf’s acid arrow.

Complete Arcane vs. Complete Mage

This board needs a “you’re technically right but I still want to crawl into the fetal position and cry” emoticon. You have studied the ways compldte weaknesses of spellcasters and can time your attacks and defenses against them expertly.

Each time, you gain an extra invocation of any grade least, lesser, or greater up to one lower than the highest grade of invocation you can currently use. Another is a reprint of a 3. You are quick and certain in cmplete efforts to defeat the arcane defenses and spells of others. Terms of Use – Privacy Statement.

Thus, a 4th-level sorcerer maximum spell level 2nd gains a new 0-level or 1st-level spell known with which to expand her repertoire.

Complete Arcane Excerpt

Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors. Your caster level increases by 1, and you add 1 to the save DC of all arcane spells with the energy descriptor of the same energy type as determined by your draconic heritage. Like other spellcasters, a complere can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. You develop the natural weapons of your draconic ancestors.

Complete Arcane

By harnessing his innate magical gift through fearsome determination and force of will,a warlock can perform feats of supernatural stealth, beguile the weak-minded, or scour his foes with blasts of eldritch power. You can cast any of your lesser spells with a moment’s thought. Well maybe tomorrow if I have time. A successful save indicates that the opponent is immune to your draconic presence for 24 hours. At 10th level, a warmage gains Sudden Enlarge described in Chapter 3 as a bonus feat.

Not all monks pursue metaphysical perfection to the exclusion of all other study. When an adept reaches 4th level, his Strength and his natural armor bonus improve by an additional 1 point.


You can use Energy Admixture to further alter a spell that has already been modifi ed with Energy Substitution, and you can also admix your chosen energy type with a spell that already uses the same type, in effect doubling its normal damage dice.

Complete Mage Warlocks also, in general, have some of the most interesting homebrew. A spell whose effects wouldn’t stack if it was cast twice under normal circumstances acane create redundant effects if successfully twinned see Combining Magical Effects, page of the Player’s Handbook. An enhanced spell uses up a spell slot four levels higher than the spell’s actual level or completd modifi ed by any other metamagic feats. A warlock also gains new invocations known at these prestige class levels as though he had gained a level in the warlock class.

Sorcerers and wizards hurl spells that can blast their foes with fire, ensnare their minds, or hurl them into distant planes. A warmage is specialized in dealing damage with his spells. Your ability to deal spell damage is particularly striking.

You can obtain a familiar in the same manner as a sorcerer or wizard see the sorcerer class description and complette accompanying sidebar, page 52 of the Player’s Handbook.

An eldritch blast is the equivalent of a 1st-level spell. Peanut Half-Dragon Necromancer by Kurien. If you deal damage to your opponent, you also instantly and automatically dispel all that arczne spells and spell effects that grant a bonus to Armor Class.

Once a new spell is selected, it is forever added to that warmage’s spell list and can be compleet just like any other spell on the warmage’s list.

Arcane seems like it’s more geared toward the corrupting nature of magic, and some twisted forms of things. The damage cap for your spells increases by 10 dice for spells that deal a number of dice of damage equal complwte your caster level such as fireball or by 5 dice for spells that deal a number of dice of damage equal to half your level such as searing light. None really captivates my attention more than the other though I strangely incline towards Complete Mage because it offers some nice options.