AFSSI , Emission Security Countermeasure Review, 30 January Adopted Forms. AF Form – Recommendation for Change of. Implement measures to protect against compromising emanations according to AFSSI and associated EMSEC specialized publications. The Air Force policy is contained in AFSSI , Emission Security. Portions of these documents are paraphrased or referenced throughout this document.

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Use it strictly for the convenience of unit personnel. May 22, Effective Date: Hazards exist if, and only if, compromising emanations are detectable beyond the inspectable space.

A In addition to TEMPEST standards, there may be other installation standards to consider such as the National Electrical Code, local construction standards, and in particular NSA installation standards, which can be found at Failure to follow these standards can result in significant delays, additional costs, and possible denial of services.

Department of the More information. Other color schemes may be used as long as they are documented, standardized and well understood by the afssj.

These practices reduce electromagnetic interference, improve operational capability, 7070 ease of operation and maintenance and improve the overall appearance of installed systems Separation Distances in National Policy. Other San Antonio area facilities may also fall under this program as units are relocated. Once a facility has been “zoned,” the zone assignments may be used in conjunction with TEMPEST test data to assure existing equipment and systems are appropriately located and future equipment and systems are 77700 and built to appropriate TEMPEST requirements.


Do not play classified video media on unclassified equipment. Login Sign Up Free.

A Use different styles of connectors or cabling to distinguish between classification levels. Wfssi use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Physical separation by a distance, which would eliminate the possibility of cross patching. For clarity, all cabling should be.


This publication is More information. Wireless Network Standard and Guidelines Purpose The standard and guidelines listed in this document will ensure the uniformity of wireless network access points and provide guidance for monitoring, maintaining.

Submit updates afsi changes are required. Publications and forms are available on the e-publishing website at for downloading or ordering. Login to save your work.

The charter members of the TSG are: Accordingly, operations floors and computer centers were a maze of special plumbing, which became an installer’s nightmare. For clarity, consider good engineering and installation practices as those which 7700 neat, clean, and orderly installations; protect cabling from inadvertent physical damage; provide wire line accountability; and enhance the electronic security of AFISRA activities.

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What Air Force Systems Security Instruction (AFSSI) directs – ProProfs

See Enclosure 1 1. What is the shortest wavelength an antenna can be made resonant? However, sufficient precautions must adssi taken to ensure that no inadvertent cross connections between these systems occur.


This publication More information. Program reviews will be scheduled and conducted throughout the calendar year. If a metallic cable does not have at least one overall nonferrous shield, install the signal lines in conduit or duct. The protection resulting from all measures taken to deny unauthorized aafssi information of value that might be derived from communications systems and cryptographic equipment intercepts and the interception and analysis of compromising emanations from cryptographic equipment, information systems, and telecommunications systems.

May 22, Review Date: A Mark the duct or conduit approximately every 25 feet and upon entering and exiting a wall or ceiling. Search Image library Upload.

This applies to television receivers and associated signal lines. Any system that handles multiple classification levels such as video teleconferencing systems, keyboard-video-mouse switches, display walls, etc.

Reduce Costs with a Common Infrastructure for Classified and Unclassified Traffic Abstract Until now, defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies that wanted to transmit More information. In accordance with sections and through.

In accordance with atssi authority. A Analog Signal Cables. A Remove all abandoned and unused cables and conduit unless specifically programmed for use at a later date.