The stakes are not only higher but also personal in this third Heist Society novel. Teen criminal mastermind Katarina Bishop gathers her fellow con artists to help. Perfect Scoundrels. Perfect Scoudrels book cover. Author, Ally Carter. Publication date, February 5th, Published by, Disney Hyperion. Publication Order. Katarina Bishop and W.W. Hale the fifth were born to lead completely different lives: Kat comes from a long, proud line of loveable criminal masterminds, while.

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Refresh and try again. My heart broke for her a few times throughout the book my heart heals fast and when I would have given up, she kept pressing on, trying the impossible — and pulling everyone in with her. Thanks for telling xcoundrels about the problem. Aug 31, Sonia marked it as to-read Shelves: His fingers wove into her hair, holding her close, gripping her tightly.

They escape through Silas’s office, who has been fired. Hale is one of my favorite characters from this series.

Dear Logan,Someday I’m going to write a book: And people can sometimes get very stressed about food and eating, and how it affects their bodies. After talking for a bit about how the Monet was a fakeKat decided to go as she cartee been caught, but Hale wanted to follow her. Kat goes to Belgium to recruit Nick to help.

After hearing the news, Kat went to find Hale. Is is part of the series Healthy for Life, which gives factual information on a range of health issues so teens can get the ccarter they need to be healthy. Preferably ending with her releasing her books all in the summer so I don’t waste my day reading instead of studying for my tests or doing my physics homework, all which I have to do now at around 10 PM.


It was different from the previous Heist Society books and I think it changed for the better.

Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society, #3) by Ally Carter

Then, finally, he smiled. Hale appears on stage drunk, but is interrupted by the return of his long-lost Uncle Reginald, played by Uncle Eddie. Kat follows Hale as he breaks into Garrett’s office, looking for clues.

There are two ways I could do this review. But don’t get me wrong, I still think it was excellent.

Cannot even say how much I would lOVE another one. Far be it for me to say this” — Hamish looked around the compartment — “and if anyone tells Uncle Eddie I suggested being an upstanding citizen I’ll kill ’em, but aren’t there It was by far the best of the series, exciting and virtually unputdownable. But I loved that this book was just facts. The plan is to spill coffee on the desk so that it has to go to the camera-free repair room where Kat can search the desk all night.

That makes Hale, yes, interesting!

Perfect Scoundrels

There were so many twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. Perfect Scoundrels is hands down the best HS novel so far and I hope they just continue to get better from her on out. In true Hale fashion, he also completely surprised me.

The fact that Kat is wearing pink just makes me feel giddy inside Jan 03, Miriam rated it really liked it. I completely perfecf it! Since when was there a third book I knew nothing about? I loved all the scenes with all the uncles crowded in Uncle Eddie’s kitchen.

So I absolutely loved that.

But I don’t remember Kat and Hale being an item. No matter the risk, the Bishops can always be counted on, but in Hale’s family, all bets are off when money is on the line.


But when Logan comes to Alaska, so does the danger. Well, it’s in here. This story, like the other two books in the series is fabulous! This book is a special longer length for even more magical fun. Curious, Sabrina clicked her pre-review to be met with Aug 20, Tabatha rated it it was amazing Shelves: If only she’d be a little girl now and again.

At the will reading, Hale inherits the family company over his parents and other relatives.

Perfect Scoundrels | Heist Society Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Oi Frog Kes Gray. It had the romance that I wanted, the friendships that I wanted, the family relationships that I wanted but most of all, it was emotional and it showed a side of the This was so good!

It worked wonders and I thought it really bought everything built up over the last two books together nicely. View all 19 comments. It was the closest they’d been in weeks. The perfect, poised and mature girlfriend that just wanted to help her boyfriend, even if said boyfriend kept pushing her away. Once in a blue moon, a tiara shaped constellation forms high in the sky above Wishing Star Palace.

Perfect Scoundrels Quotes

Followed by Grift of the Magi. It had a personal involvement that pulled at our heartstrings and upped the cost of the outcome, making us emotionally investing in the end.

And to re-read Uncommon Criminals and the entire Gallagher Girls series. But as cxrter is a minor, the family lawyer Garrett is named the trustee until Hale is