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Editions of Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo

People who are convinced by this are most likely people who have a problem accepting the Theory of Evolution in the first place, scientifically illiterate people who haven’t taken a science class since high school.

Written by scientists it is hard read but worth it if you are interested in the subject and offers a more realistic account of things than many of the more modern Alternative Archaeology books. Things like anatomically modern human bones recovered from rock strata millions of years old, and manufactured artifacts recovered from similarly ancient strata. Without a doubt this research text is whole and complete and pisses off every so called research wannabee that ever crawled the planet.

It’s over pages long and reads like an encyclopedia. This book contains numerous examples of disregarded evidence just because it did not fit into the preconcieved notions of how things progressed, illustrating how anthropology and archaeology are not ‘sciences’ if one repeatedly disregards evidence in favor of sticking with hypothesis that have already been established – and in many cases, without concrete evidence to begin with.

Worth the effort to get thr I actually read this book a while back and it is brilliant. This book discusses not only the most famous finds, but also objectively discusses well documented discoveries that were dismissed because they did not fit into the current pet theories of human evolution.

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Text și discurs religios nr. 6/ | Ioan Milică –

We conclude that the total evidence Both the former and latter laws of archaeology must be satisfied to make Well, I guess controversy sells.

I read it before going to college and actually learning science, and being the young and uneducated dipshit that I was, it convinced me. Slota “The Age of the Calaveras Skull: Very interesting and informative. Hardcoverunabridgedpages. That said, the arguments do seem strained and cherry-picked at times Lots of strange things in this book, grist for the mill for a writer who arheologla to ponder strange things, so to speak.

Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race

Exhaustive and well-written book that every archeologist should read. Cremo takes examples of archaeological artifacts and bones that are out of “insitu” context and makes fantastic historical claims regarding these specimens. Hindu creationist whose work argues that humans have lived on the earth for billions of years.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jul 17, John rated it liked it. It’s a serious call for scientists to revisit this holly and sacred theory submitted in an era where knowledge of biology and biological processes was extremely limited.

There does seem to be an orthodoxy in th scientific community that brands as heretics all those who don’t accept lnterzisa status quo. This large volume serves as a reference compiling many lost, buried or otherwise hidden reports in the associated fields of archeology. Of course, the authors would argue this is for thoroughness. This is a horrible book.

L’Homo Sapiens ha convissuto per interzksa di anni con quelli arheologja la maggior parte degli studiosi del settore ritengono i suoi antenati Australopithecus, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus: The book is well written with adequate definitions to many field specific terms throughout the book, but it is still a big bite to chew.

On a personal note, I took an anthropology class years ago, in It may be This is not an easy book to read.

May 22, Graham rated it it was amazing. The three stars I gave it were generous Combining this with other mainstream histories of science A A fascinating alternative view of our anthropological knowledge and theories.


It’s writing style is more than a bit dry, so I probably should have given it a 3 star review, but the content was so much fun in a peculiar way that I just had to give it four. Once one understand this viewpoint, everything else falls into place.

Oct 02, Jai Joshi rated it it was amazing. Indeed, all Cremos claims have been addressed by the academic community, including using absolute dating methods to place these artifacts and bones, derived from “use-related secondary context”, in their proper historical context. The book is well written with adequate definiti This book is absolutely fascinating, but it is not something you can pick up and thumb through.

Both the interzisw and latter laws of archaeology must be satisfied to make any conclusion at all. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Scholars of the mainstream archaeological and paleoanthropological communities have described his work as pseudoscience. The authors created a breathtakingly researched work that should but won’t be in ever public school library, so that students can research independently, and draw their own conclusions to, what they are taught as fact in science class from K through 12 and, indeed, in college and universities everywhere.

My arheologiw problem with this book was the deadening repetition of data and biographies that repeat themselves over and over and over again: Published December 15th by Torchlight Publishing first published Jun 07, Alan Grieveson rated it it was amazing.

The authors look at each case individually, and discuss the technical data related to each case, both strengths and weakness, and objectively discuss various viewpoints on the most well known cases. Just amazing, what you won’t be taught at school.