Babar Ahmad is a 37 year old British Muslim and the longest detained-without- charge British detainee held as part of the global ‘war on terror’. On 13th July , Babar Ahmad stepped down onto British soil a free man. This website is no longer run. However, you can browse the archives, or go to. Muhammed Babar Uddin Ahmed Siddique started this petition to Government Support this petition being a human if really we know the meaning of humanity.

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US prosecutors tampered with one of these photographs to remove any sign of injury when they brought their case against Ahmad in a court in Connecticut. During the second choke hold I thought I was going to die. Within days of the massacre reports, Ahmad returned to Bosnia, where he was again involved in heavy fighting. After his transfer to the Supermax conditions only slightly improved. One US agent made it his mission to close the site and bring down Babar Ahmad.

She ruled that, although the two articles supporting the Taliban constituted a serious criminal offence under US law, none of his articles on the Azzam websites supporting the war efforts in Bosnia and Chechnya during the s constituted a criminal or terrorist offence.

The x-ray showed that he was riddled with shrapnel. He says that, although he has been badly treated by both Britain and the US, his experiences have not radicalised him. InUS federal Baabr Janet Hall sentenced Ahmad to an unexpectedly lenient sentence [16] and concluded that Ahmad was never interested in terrorism, stating, “There was never any aid given by these defendants to effectuate a plot.

But before his ahmmed to the Supermax, he was again strip-searched in front of six officers, shackled and taken to a holding cell with walls covered in faeces and where the temperature was kept at C.

Babar Ahmad – Wikipedia

One of them, whose body I helped identify, was a British university graduate. He was released without charge after seven days. On two occasions the officers sexually abused me by tugging ptition and fondling my genitals. And then they punched me all over my face before holding my neck so hard that I could no longer breathe. US Department of Justice.


Babar Ahmad

The defendant is a British citizen who is alleged to have committed offences which, if the evidence were available, could have been prosecuted in this country”.

On 22 Junethe Houses of Parliament Joint Committee on Human Rights urged the UK government to change the law so that Ahmad’s perpetual threat of extradition is ended without further delay. In Babar Ahmad and Others v The United Kingdom the legal representatives of the litigants, argued that extradition to a country, where they might be imprisoned for life, with no possibility of release on parole, and where the penal regime is in comparison excessively harsh, amounted also to degrading or inhumane treatment, and that the extradition therefore ought to be refused.

Babarr wanted him to do, which was to return to England to complete his education, petitio turned away from that and was, in fact, radicalized by Khaled Sheikh Mohammed and Osama bin Laden whom he met in Afghanistan.

On 30 NovemberAhmad lost his appeal at the High Court. It was the same year,in which conflict in Bosnia blew up. As Ahmad was led into the US building, the Americans told the Met officers to remove the mask and muffs. The US government had asked for twice this sentence, but the judge handed bbar an unexpectedly lenient sentence which meant, because of time already served, Ahmad was freed within months.

Ahmad is in Nabar days after the Srebrenica massacre in July In one encounter with an enemy unit he was injured in a hand-grenade attack.

The doctors said that otherwise it would have gone right through my heart. The injustice of his case became the focus of a number of high-profile campaigns supported by lawyers, politicians and celebrities.

Babar Ahmad parliamentary e-petition hits 100,000

After spending two years in solitary confinement whmed a US Supermax prison he pleaded guilty to “conspiracy and providing material to support to terrorism”. Retrieved 16 July That was when I was tortured by British police — when they pulled the handcuffs up my arm so tight that I screamed.

They came back to the van holding blacked-out goggles and ear muffs.


America was able to claim jurisdiction in his case because it was alleged that one of the computer servers hosting one of the websites was in Connecticut. Jones then applied two choke holds. Babar Ahmad presses the tip of his forefinger into the middle of his forehead. Last year he was finally released from prison to an emotional reunion with his family and thousands of supporters in south London. He has declined both offers. Upon his release he stated, “Eleven years of solitary confinement and isolation in ten different prisons has been an experience too profound to sum up in a few words here and now The prosecutors immediately offered Ahmad a deal — plead guilty to the charge of using the website to support the Taliban and he would be back in Britain within months.

His father worked as a Foreign Office civil anmed for 30 years and his mother is a retired science teacher. Neither of these two defendants were interested in what is commonly known as terrorism In Novembercelebrities and senior British lawyers backed a public campaign which led toBritish citizens signing a UK Government e-petition calling for him to be tried in the UK.

Put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK – Petitions

Not satisfied with this, they then cooked the meat and made the mother eat her own child. Ahmad was strip-searched, then told to put on a green and yellow jumpsuit.

The US counter-terrorism officer whom Ahmad had met on the plane and who had been vabar the investigation had testified to the grand jury that the reason the case was being tried in Connecticut was because the Azzam server was located there. But by the time Ahmad arrived, the two sides had agreed a truce and he put down his gun to help in Chechen orphanages.

Retrieved from ” https: And then the officers stamped on my bare feet petirion their boots. He is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.