Midi Foot Controller FCB – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: (detailed upgrade instructions in a separate document on our website). First time When using the FCB/UnO ControlCenter (our Mac or PC editor) the 2-state or. MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to important operating and maintenance instructions in the accompanying.

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It can send up to five different Program Change messages, two Control Change messages, and Note messages at one time. The unit weighs 7. But this two digit number is the program change message that will go out when you press button 5 remember, we’re programming button 5 here. That tells you that you could choose to press one, wait for it to begin blinking, and set up an expression pedal. Ignore them behhringer now and press the UP button.

A Wikibookian questions bejringer neutrality of this book. But you can choose any other active function to program at this point. I use this option as I prefer to customize all of my presets. Once you set the program change value and pressed the Up button, the LED’s go back to showing the programming status.

Behringer FCB MIDI Pedal – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

If you are done configuring what you want to go out on MIDI channel 1, you can press the down button for a few seconds to exit programming mode. Move the left expression up and down. Allows you to select only factory preset from an external controller.

This works fine if you like the factory presets and don’t need to make any changes to the presets. Within the G-Major, you can assign up to four Modifiers.

It supports the full Program Change messages. In addition there is a display that indicates which bank is active, and some status lights that provide mode and status information while programming. The good news is that Behringer have been forthcoming with EPROMs for those who have had their fbc1010 for less than a year, and for a very minor fee for the rest of us.


Behringer – FCB – User Manual

These settings are Global, meaning that they are present within all presets in the G-Major. You can help by splitting this big page into smaller ones. Wait until all footswitch LEDs are on. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Allows you to select only saved User presets. In addition, both expression pedals can send Control Change behrinfer for each preset.

Behringer FCB1010 User Manual

You should also have at this point the LED on button 1 should be on steady, and both LEDs on buttons 8 and 9 should be on steady. This page was last edited on 2 Julyat You only have one MIDI channel configured if it’s still in Factory configurationand it’s status and programming are on the first button.

Thus, a new pedal could have Version 1. The green LED for switch will flash now. The left number is steady, and the right number is blinking. Also, the controller assignment settings made here are unique to each preset and will need to be initialized for each preset within the G-Major.

A Modifier is an external controller that can control various effects parameters. To program this Program Change, select any two numbers, and press the up button. This, for me, was the most confusing aspect of programming this controller – the LED’s are indicating different things during the process of programming – sometimes indicating which button was pressed, but also indicating MIDI channel, Control Change info, Expression Pedal status, etc.

Behringer uses quite a bit of hot glue to secure components in place. It is no wonder that this pedal has become very popular — so popular that the FCB group on yahoogroups has nearly 12, members, as of March Allows you to select between Factory or User presets. One of the other irritants has been the display and LEDs. For the sake of argument, and to help clarify things you’ll see why please choose button 5. It can store up to presets.


Select a patch which has both pedals set to their full range, and check the expression pedals now send 0xx7F. Decide which group of presets you wish to use manuao select the appropriate option within the Program Bank menu. Your right controller is now assigned as MOD 2.

Now the pedals of your FCB are calibrated and settings are automatically stored.

Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Pedal

Here’s how you set them up:. So, you press button 1 until it begins to flash. Thus you can behrniger a preset, then turn on an effect, and not have a visual cue as to which preset is enabled.

The minimum firmware version would be 2.

If you want to transmit other commands in this preset, press the relevant functions pedals until the red LED lights up seconds. You can manuall for help in dividing this book in the assistance reading room. In step 1 above, you press a button, and the LED comes on. The way the pedal works, the LED that is on is above the last pedal pressed. The red LED in the pedal of the selected function will start to flash now. You have now assigned your left expression pedal to control the desired effects parameter.

Press the UP button and you should see the display change to indicate what program change message is configured to go out on that channel. Wait until relay switch test is finished. Keep footswitches 1 and 3 pressed while switching on the unit This bit you can’t do standing up!