Hi All, I’ve been wanting to get the Bell ExpressVu HD PVR really interested in it lol.. i can try to find it.. it was in a training manual. Even though Bell ExpressVu’s receivers have a built-in “mail” feature that of software updates and the opportunity to install them manually.). RG6 is the preferred cable type to use for all satellite installations, please see following most people who have other Bell receivers; and are able to do multiple cable runs. . The only question I have is the dual setup.

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I bought the tools to make your own ends off ebay and a box of expressvvu and thats the way I recommend. The Right button is used to increase the minutes added at the end of the event. Newer receivers incorporate smartchips instead, which are permanently installed inside the receiver.

Betalogue » Bell ExpressVu Software update

Add Thread to del. Cant pick up two sats with one LNB. The 2 main Dish satellites are 9 degrees apart at and Defunct cable and DBS companies of Canada. But when looking at my TV from the normal viewing distance, I honestly cannot tell when the focus is on the line of text. Bell has mostly focused on improving its satellite signal reception in Canada while seeking to prevent snowbirds from accessing this signal.

Anway… The bottom-line is that the software for the receiver has been updated, and all users should have it installed on their receiver by now. I have been a customer since before Bell even owned ExpressVu; to date I have bought 7 receivers and never got any sort of discount. Each satellite has 32 Ku-band transponders. Direct broadcast satellite Pay television Pay-per-view. Of course with a single tuner receiver you will not need the seperator on that one. I tell you every ting!


This entry was posted by Pierre Igot on Saturday, May 13th, at 2: Nimiq 4 was launched on September 19,[2] and Nimiq 6 was launched on May 17, If you find anything I’ve put in here to be in error, please let me know so I can make the appropriate corrections.

BB code is On.

Nimiq 6located at After speaking to a manager CSR, here’s what I got: Time to make your neighbours drool. Nimiq 3 went online on August 23, It brings up a view of the next couple of days with existing timers in proper chronological order for that period: This is really something that ExpressVu needs to work on urgently.

All labour for installations is only under warranty for three 3 months. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Software update Posted by Pierre Igot in: Password Please enter a password for your user account. For reasons unclear to me, if the system won’t lock on the right satellite and you run the ‘Check Switch’ function it sets things right.

“bell 6100” in Classifieds in Ontario

Fell Ed Lumley John H. Remote 2 of the manusl, and the remote for model are based on “UHF Pro”. I like the but for me it would never be used since a dvd recorder is enough but it also has its limitations Being 3 of them and only 2 needed.

So if you have Dish, you need 3 LNB’s instead of 2. Page 1 of 4 Jump to page: Then there is the issue of the default settings for the times to start and stop recording.

The only question I have is the dual setup. Finally, I should note that the new software does introduce a feature that had been promised and that some people had been waiting for for a long time.

MontrealQuebecCanada. As can be seen in this last picture, there are a couple of other useful improvements in the new system, including the ability to skip espressvu occurrences of recurring events.


Channels in the “Best” tier can still be purchased in theme packages, and existing customers with older plans are grandfathered. But I suppose that, for certain things, it might be quite useful. Views Read Edit View history.

Thoughts and Prayers to the many thousands of civilians who perished from terrorists acts. Pornography -themed video games were also offered in the past via Bell’s sex industry brand, Venus.

Features absent expresscu Bell’s current receivers but available in older receivers include picture-in-picture watching two channels simultaneously on one TV and a tuner for over-the-air programming OTA programming support. As well, this method will be supported by Bell as it is using hardware that Bell sell.

Customers who still have an older SDTV with an AV input or peripheral modulator can use an HD receiver, but the quality will be limited to i due to technical limitations.

I thinkg what you scored is decent, what sux is the cost of the UHF signals can reach up to 30 meters, depending on the restrictions of building materials.

In fact, expresevu uses the hardware included in mmanual package. The e-mail newsletter is next to useless—a weekly e-mail messages in HTML format with huge useless graphics and only a few lines of actual information, most of it dealing with idiotic wrestling programming or the latest idiotic Hollywood blockbuster being available on pay-per-view.

It is certainly not illegal, and in a worst-case scenario, service will be cancelled. Does that mean you have one more output you can use for another receiver? The two satellites are owned and operated by Telesat Canada.