The BenQ W can serve as either a home-theater or a home-entertainment projector, with excellent image quality and an assortment of. In this BenQ W review we will explore many of the special features, tour all of the hardware, discuss picture quality, and calibrating the. W FAQ – Support. What is BenQ Short-Throw Technology? What is the difference between DLP projectors and LCD projectors? Why is the lamp is not as.

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Power Consumption By Projection Lamp. If you see rainbows on a 5x speed color wheel, I’m not sure that a 6x speed wheel will solve all of your problems. The W offers a fairly typical set of connectors, including two HDMI ports for video sources or a computer, a VGA port for a computer or component video, three RCA phono plugs for component video, and both composite video and S-video ports.

In fact, after 2, hours of intense usage, inserting a new bulb produces image quality comparable to a brand-new projector. Ultimately, director Sergio Leone zooms in until their eyes w75000 the screen.

My current w top mounted is very w500 It also offers better than typical color calibration controls, letting you set both primary red, green, blue and secondary cyan, yellow, magenta colors by adjusting hue, saturation, and brightness of each color.

For most people, this hue-saturation-brightness color model is much more intuitive than the approach most projectors use. Black level is more than adequate for the display of bemq and video, though it is not the W’s strongest suit.

  GUV-I 8503 PDF

All comments should remain on topic. If you absolutely must position the projector outside those boundaries, you can tilt it and use keystone correction.

BenQ W Reviews and Ratings – TechSpot

Posted Jan 26, 1: But I can say this: Based on what I saw, that may not be an exaggeration. Use the following settings: You have already henq 4 products. The BenQ W is well worth its price, with excellent image quality, a wide range of brightness settings, and a long list of features, including the conveniences of both a moderately large zoom and lens shift.

Even with the default settings, the projector delivers excellent color quality, obviously high contrast, and blacks that are noticeably dark black. I wouldn’t buy another PJ with a 4x wheel, 5x is a maybe but as long as the 6x is less than what I have now, I’m fine with that. In addition, I saw no crosstalk and only 7w500 hint of 3D-related motion artifacts genq scenes that tend to bring them out.

BenQ Projectors: BenQ W DLP projector

View All 6 Photos in Gallery. We watched several movies to get a general idea of how the W does with day-to-day viewing. The good news is that even if you see them easily, you may not see them often enough to find them annoying.


Micromax E7500 Pike Price: Clarity is one of the W’s stronger features, and the projector easily holds its own against similarly-priced competition. The greatest compliment I can give the W is that I stopped looking for problems.

The image that sprang to life on the screen isn’t too dissimilar w700 the one produced by the BenQ W, BenQ’s previous flagship model released in late Maximum Image Size Generated. BenQ normally sells through their network a7500 pro dealers and installers, so you can get that nice local service — but you can also buy via the Internet.

The production looks as if it cost a fortune, and the directors never seem to wink at the audience — this is deadly serious stuff.

Colors pop without ben over saturated the reason I stay with DLP projection. Still, I prefer having a projector that I can set up myself, in case I decide to move it.

BenQ W7500

I had no trouble finding a comfortable brightness level for the inch diagonal image I used for testing in theater-dark lighting or for the inch diagonal image I used in a family room with lots of windows.

Plus, nothing beats having someone else do the installation and setup. Setup and Configuration Review Contents: As it turns out, quite a lot.