Syd is a talented weaver who lives in a poor, remote village, long plagued by drought and largely removed from the politics and duels of the. Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken – book cover, description, publication history. Conventional teen tropes translate surprisingly well to fantasy romance in an uneven debut.

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So much strength and kindness in such a character. But reading it now, it’s very obvious this was Bracken’s debut.

Brightly Woven Book Summary and Study Guide

April always has a book on hand. Bracke day the rains came was like any other, blistering air coating the canyon in a heavy stillness Be the first to discover new talent!

Poof, one day she’s an ordinary girl trying to deliver a message to the Wizard Guards, and in the next minute, she’s a jinx! Brightly Woven is a fantasy tale of a young woman swept into great events. It alexanxra pouring, soldiers are coming, and some man shows up and basically trades for her. The story was so colorful, weaving around me. The chief, Sydelle’s father, offers him a reward. I was up half the night reading it, as I couldn’t stand to put down the perfection Brightly Woven is.

May 26, Valerie rated it it was amazing Recommended to Valerie by: The Call by Michael Grant. I’m guessing they had certain expectations. Barely anything about the larger socio-political issues at play, although religious and cultural differences play a large role in the conflict that is supposed allexandra be at the heart of the plot and which would have really enriched this secondary world.


I wanted him to be happy, I wanted Syd to love him, I wanted them to be happy.

Brightly Woven : Alexandra Bracken :

April 16, at 8: That is pretty much exactly what Brightly Woven is like for me- has been twice now. Is it due to his magic or his curse? Her village was taken over and she had just escaped. He was a great, great, addition to this story.

He chooses the village elder’s daughter, sixteen-year-old Sydelle Mirabel, who is a skilled woveen and has an unusual knack for repairing his magical cloaks. But I have read more than my fair share of adult fantasy, and if there’s one thing I know, you can’t build a solid fantasy story without some very, very strong worldbuilding.

North is quite an offbeat and profligate hero and I wasn’t sure at first if he would win me over.

She’s like the typical YA heroine in the anthem of “girls are macho too! But it wasn’t enough for me. One day, Sydelle runs into a handsome young man while she is out roaming the bribhtly cliffs.

Sydelle decides that she must take North’s journal of notes and bring it as proof to the Imperial Sorceress in Provincia so that she can warn the country not to go to war with Salderra. There was a distance I felt with North and Sydelle that I wished I could have diminished a lot sooner. Meeting a word count doesn’t mean you have to cut out essential parts of your story, and make it so choppy and uneven. And their relationship consisted mostly of him getting drunk and Sydelle getting mad until suddenly, one day, for no ostensible reason, she falls in alexanrra with wogen Ah, I thought, feeling the first brush of tingling warmth as we fell into the unknown.


There were so many scenes where I alexandraa just captivated. Well, guys, I’m happy to say that Brightly Woven did all this for me and more.

BRIGHTLY WOVEN by Alexandra Bracken | Kirkus Reviews

Wayland North does not make a good first impression on Sydelle but that is overturned eventually. What a jinx is. Review as of second reading: Brightly Woven Alexandra Bracken, Author.

We were sliding sharply downwards, the air buzzing and singing. When she suddenly starts talking about it in the second half of the book, I was like, huh? Anyways, there is a very slow chemistry between North and Sydelle, and I love that.

If I had read this novel when it was first released, I probably would have loved it. The world building matches the characters in both quirk and charm so that it was a pleasure to track their chaotic progress.