Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. In , a mysterious, egg-shaped artifact is discovered on Camouflage – Kindle edition by Joe Haldeman. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Where Camouflage rises above its swipes is in Joe Haldeman’s crisp and witty writing. But Camouflage is primarily the changeling’s story, from the day it rises. Near-future aliens-among-us yarn, from the author of Forever Free (), etc.

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Apr 26, Robert rated it liked it Shelves: Camkuflage, the book isn’t even pages long, so not every possibility could be explored, but the problem exists that some of those interesting ideas are briefly teased, and then never heard of again. The chameleon also hunts for other aliens, so that he may enjoy fighting and killing them.

Dec 10, Lionel rated it really liked it. A team of scientists is assembled to study the artifact, but it proves to be impenetrable. I’ve often marveled at how aliens in SF just seem to camoufflage this innate knowledge to manufacture utterly indestructible substances that cannot even be minutely scratched by the most powerful tools we apply to them.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. The chameleon has often been a camoufllage, fighting for example with Alexander the Great and as a Masai warriorthough he also lived as farmers and butchers, among others; he suffers as a slave brought from West Africa to the new America, but in later decades makes a vast fortune. Inthe changeling attends the University of Massachusetts to study oceanographythen the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ; it senses that something important to it will be haldejan in marine science.

Secondthe writing is great. Haldeman is a Vietnam vet, and he brings his experience and military history to the front. The first is the story of the finding and excavation of the alien ship, and its subsequent testing on Samoa in A million years before the rise of humans, the changeling arrives on Earth from Messier 22 ; its spaceship hides deep in the Pacific Ocean.


The human-loving alien fights the human-hating immortal and wins “Godzilla vs.

The Changeling has survived camouflabe adapting the forms of many different organisms. Joe Haldeman books are what I call easy reads. Neither knows of the other’s existence, but their slowly merging paths will meet damouflage a stunning climax that determines their ultimate fates–and that of the artifact.

Likewise the human scientists researching the artifact were not very interesting, but the the focus wasn’t so much on them as characters anyway; it was more about their work on the artifact.


caamouflage InJan Dagmar begins to send a complex message to the artifact, by beaming at it in every frequency from microwave to X ray, and by tapping it mechanically.

Anyway, the human characters mostly fill stock SF roles as scientists doing the Analog -ish solve-the-problem thing. But Camouflage is primarily the changeling’s story, from the day it rises from the oceans where it has been living as a shark for ages, and encounters human beings for the camohflage time.

Get to Know Us. This was a great find!

Both immortals seek each other for different reasons: Hoping for material gain, a secret team is assembled to ‘salvage’ it and investigate it.

It won the James Tiptree, Jr. Books 1 – 3. Publisher’s Weekly says “Haldeman is much more than just a military SF writer, but it’s clear that Vietnam remains central to his existence and the nightmare inspiration for some of his best work.

Either way, Camouflage could have used some extra time on the drawing board. After working on it for a long time, the alien finally decodes the message; it has mystical meaning Carl Sagan’s Contact. Now, a sunken relic that holds the key to their origins calls to them to take them home—but the Chameleon has decided there’s only room for one.


Sutton little suspects that his destiny will soon intertwine with a pair of shape-shifting–and apparently immortal–aliens.

Books – Joe Haldeman

Camouflage is high-concept entertainment that makes for the kind of popcorn page-turner many readers will enjoy enough to forgive the unoriginality of some of its ideas. Open Preview See a Problem? The story takes some decidedly strange turns, but remains a fascinating exploration of our very worst characteristics, benefiting from Haldeman’s talent for vicious fictional violence.

It includes two complete novels, War Year andas well as seven short stories, two narrative poems, and three essays. No trivia or quizzes yet. Another is the story of his ex- girlfriend, Beverly, who drifts into the counterculture and sees the other side of the unsubtle not-quite-revolution that rocked American life in Oct 27, Thom rated it really liked it.

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Views Read Edit View history. As soon as cmouflage alien’s vessel is identified, both aliens converge on the excavation site, and a deadly game of cat and camouflzge begins, for one is aware of the other, but not vice versa. Wait, the chameleon’s the bad guy? Haldeman is in no way a sentimentalist, and the alien changeling is truly alien, killing as casually as someone would swat a fly; yet as it gradually learns about human society, so it starts to become the creatures that it mimics, and slowly but surely becomes more human, page by page, year by year.