Cfengine-Tutorial. AUTOMATED SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION. Kirk: “I’m curious, Doctor, why is it called the M5?” Daystrom: “Well you see, M1 to M4 were not. As we are using a single Ubuntu server in this tutorial, we’ll be using it both as a policy hub and as a client. To start CFEngine’s policy hub, you. Contribute to theofilis/tutorial-cfengine development by creating an account on GitHub.

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CFEngine – Wikipedia

If you run cfengine without arguments so that the default filename is cfengine. With the exception of the -d and -S options, all options are passed on to the remote hosts and are ignored locally. The default values of the comment-start string is and the default comment-end string is the empty string.

Remote execution of cfengineNext: The fact that non-root users can execute cfengine is not a problem in itself, after all the most malicious thing they would be able to do would be to check the system configuration and repair any problems.

If you want to manage multiple machines using your Ubuntu server, you will have to repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 on each of the machines. As a novice to cfengine, it is advisable to check all programs with the -n option before trusting them to your system, at least until you are familiar with turorial behaviour of cfengine.

A comment symbol must have a space in front of it, or start a new line so that cfengine knows you don’t mean the symbol as part of another word. Users other than root can run cfengine to fix any problems with the system. Cfengine 3 Reference Manual. tutofial


Such a connection may be initiated by a request for remote files from a running cfengine program on another host, or it might be initiated futorial the program cfrun which simply asks the host running the daemon to run the cfengine program locally. You might wish to perform a search excluding certain named directories and their subdirectories with ignore.


You can make generic rules for specific type of operating system, you can group together clusters of workstations according to who will be using them and you can paint yellow spots on them – what ever works for you.

Don’t forget to add cfd to the system startup scripts, or to inittab so that it starts when you boot your system. With the right tools, the Windows system registry can also be edited by cfengine, but this requires more care.

This host belongs to the class mygroup and the hard-class ultrix.

Bcfg2SmartFrogOpsi. If you have, then you can use these cfengkne within cfengine. If the remote host is not in one of the classes you specify when you run cfrunthen it will simply ignore the request.

Splaying host timesNext: Cfengine 3 is not a drop-in replacement for 2, but a more powerful system.

Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Cfenggine website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia.

The generic class anyNext: Cfengine network services How it works Emulating rdist: But the incompatibility argument applies only to multiple vendor headbutting. Cfengine is good at performing a lot of common system administration tasks, and allows you to build on its strengths with your own scripts.

Examples and Tutorials

If no edits are made, do nothing, say nothing. But networks have a tendency to expand and–before you know it–you have five different types of operating system and each ctengine of system has to be configured in a special way, you have to make patches to each system and you can’t remember whether you fixed that host on the other side of the building You cannot choose where to use bodies: This network interface must cgengine configured before it will work.


Cfsngine variable is used together with the homepattern pattern variable, which is used tuforial distinguish between home directories and binary resources. The key idea is that actions are only carried out if they are in the same class as the host running the program.

MaxCfengines The maximum number of cfengines which should be allowed to co-exist concurrently on the system. The full list of named resources should now be listed in the mountables list, which is simply a list of all the resources available for mounting on the network. More advanced concepts Access control It is sometimes convenient to be able to restrict the access of a program to a handful of users.

CFEngine Documentation – Examples and Tutorials

If you include patterns in this way, cfengine ignores any files which do not match the given patterns. Managing processesPrevious: A binary directory is a place where compiled software is kept.

cfenhine The regular file mode, owner and group are specified straightforwardly. A simple but extremely useful naming scheme is the following. It’s a remote copy, the server is Unix has a simpler security philosophy when it comes to the operating system files, but ACLs would be a valuable addition to the security of our data. You can then inspect these files in the repository and arrange to tidy the repository for old files which cfenginne no longer interesting.

They prefer to make a local copy of the files on a remote machine instead.