Claritas Prizm NE Marketing Segmentation Research Solutions. Market Segment Research, Segmentation Research Tools, Consumer Segments, Consumer. It was developed by Claritas. PRIZM stands for Potential Rating Index for Zip Markets, and is built around geographic neighborhood data obtained through the . Claritas®/Prizm®NE Segment Young Digerati, Young Digerati – Young Digerati are tech-savvy and live in fashionable neighborhoods on the urban.

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Today, pgizm residents tend to be middle class with solid white-collar jobs or comfortable retirements. They also enjoy the occasional dinner out. Affluent, highly educated, and ethnically mixed, Young Digerati communities are typically filled with trendy apartments and condos, fitness clubs and clothing boutiques, casual restaurants and all types of bars–from juice to coffee to microbrew.

Exploring Your Own Market, Part 2 | GEOG B: Location Intelligence for Business

This segment is made up of families, with college degrees, and new homes. There’s diversity in this group, with segments that are racially mixed, divided evenly between homeowners and renters, and filled with households that are either young or aging in place. Middle-aged, urban households with moderate means. The Cosmopolitans — Educated, upper-midscale, and ethnically diverse, The Cosmopolitans are urbane couples in America’s fast-growing cities. Original research, best-in-class segmentation and sought-after sources.

With modest educations and incomes, these residents maintain low-key, sedentary lifestyles. Mayberry-ville — Like the old Andy Griffith Show set in a quaint picturesque burg, Mayberry-ville harks back to an old-fashioned way of life. Single and working-class, these residents pursue active lifestyles amid sprawling apartment complexes, bars, convenience stores, and laundromats.


They are among the most tech savvy segments with some college credits under their belt. Widely scattered throughout the nation’s heartland this segment is dominated by hard working families living in small towns. Your deliverable for this activity will be your two reports and pruzm comments. Found in urban neighborhoods this segment typically living in old homes they’ve owned for years. DMP activation and run management.

Claritas PRIZM

To entertain their sprawling families, they buy virtually every piece of sporting equipment on the market. These upscale, empty-nesting couples enjoy the trappings of success, including belonging to country clubs, maintaining large investment portfolios, and spending freely on computer technology. This segment lives in urban areas. Golden Ponds — Golden Ponds is mostly a retirement lifestyle, dominated by downscale singles and couples over 65 years old. They have claritax educations, sprawling families, and service jobs.

Your addendum needn’t be more than paragraphs and should include: These families live in przim areas that embrace their day-to-day lives. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. This segment consists of upscale older couples typically living just beyond the nation’s beltways.

Middle-aged singles and couples still establishing priizm in their careers and their lives.


Claritas PRIZM Segments

PRIZM Premier offers a complete set of ancillary databases and links to third-party data, allowing marketers to use data outside of their own customer files to pinpoint products and services that their best customers are most likely to use, as well as locate their best customers on the ground.

These older and retired homeowners live a comfortable lifestyle. c,aritas

Home Sweet Home — Widely scattered across the nation’s suburbs, the residents of Home Sweet Home tend to be upper-middle-class married couples living in mid-sized homes without prizn. The residents of this segment tend to be prosperous and active professionals.

This segment has solid white-collar jobs and good educations. American Classics — They may be older and retired, but the residents of American Classics are still living the American Dream of home ownership.

Somewhat set in their ways, they are slow to adopt and below average in their use of technology. Consisted of older, midscale couples with no kids at home.

These middle-aged parents have the disposable income and educated sensibility to want the best for their children.

In their older homes, they enjoy reading, playing musical instruments, indoor gardening, and refinishing furniture.