I compute the return on invested capital at the start of for each company in my public company sample of . Aswath Damodaran said. January 28, at am by Aswath Damodaran . for these companies to estimate excess returns (ROIC – Cost of Capital) for each firm. Return on Capital or Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) is something I . Aswath Damodaran is an NYU professor and the guru of valuation.

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damocaran A large damodarzn of companies, if put on the spot, will not even able to tell you how much capital they have invested in existing assets, either because the investments occurred way in the past or because of the way they are accounted for.

I broke companies down into deciles, based upon revenue growth over the last five years, and looked at excess returns, by decile:. After all, it’s important how much money is spent to generate this operating income. Also, I have not made adjustments roiv capitalize leases here, which should normally be done for lease heavy business models.

Specifically, as I have in prior years, I will examine whether the returns generated by firms are higher than, roughly equal to or lower than their costs of capital, and in the process, answer one on the fundamental questions in investing.

After talking damocaran length about individual names, I was interested to hear more about how they think about ROIC – Sean kindly responded to some of those questions about ROIC that still keep me up at night in a very insightful post.

What drives PE Ratios?

Aswath Damodaran – January 2018 Data Update 7: Growth and Value

China, the other big market in terms of population, does not seem to offer the same positive excess returns, and that should be a cautionary note for those who tell the China story to justify sky high valuations for companies growing there. There is, however, a corporate governance lesson worth heeding. The profit margins you focus on, to measure success and viability, will also shift as a company moves through the life cycle:.


And I’ve made a high level guesstimate of required cash based on what I know about the businesses. The sobering note, though, is that as India opens these sheltered businesses up for competition, these excess returns will come under pressure and perhaps dissipate.

For instance, an accounting write off of a past investment will reduce book value of both equity and invested capital and increase your return on capital.

ROIC = NOPAT / Invested Capital

Debt and Taxes January Data Update 9: The median operating margin across all companies is 4. But if I could look at only one metric about a business to judge the quality of that business- ROIC would be the metric.

Investors expend tremendous effort looking for businesses trading at supposedly cheap valuations, in relation to earnings or book value, but Munger is saying don’t waste your time trying to bottom fish and find companies that are supposedly cheap. In fact, the largest companies earn positive damkdaran returns, and while I am loath to make too much of one year’s results, and recognize that there is some circularity in this table since the companies with the highest excess returns should see their values go up the mostthere is reason to believe that in more and more sectors, we are seeing winner-take-all games played out, where a few companies win, and find it easier to keep winning as they get larger.

Base Hit Investing is one of my my favorite investment blogs and John – the author- has penned a series of ric insightful posts on ROIC. A few things I would say here:.


January Data Update 1: This is the where the all important denominator comes in – Invested Capital.

Musings on Markets: January Data Update 7: Profitability, Excess Returns and Governance

Measurement and Implications Data Update Posts. Businesses that can generate higher returns on capital can invest less in capital expenditures and thus generate more free cash flow to distribute to shareholders.

Even in this more optimistic picture, firms Yes, ROIC isn’t perfect and there are some shortcomings including consistency of calculation -you can find about a hundred different ways to calculate it, but there is no perfect metric so it’s the best we’ve got.

Unlike profit margins, where profits are scaled to revenues, accounting returns scale profits to invested capital. They are likely cheap for a reason- because they generate low returns on capital.

Good businesses generate high returns on capital and they do so with consistency. We respect your privacy no spam ever. At the risk of stating the obvious, the margins you compute will look larger and healthier, for any firm, as you climb up the income statement. Does growth add or destroy value? Return on Invested Damkdaran It’s a combination of rpic technical posts on the calculation of ROIC and philosophical posts on ways to think about it. It’s the Long Term, Stupid “In the long term, it’s hard for a stock to earn a much better return than the business which underlies it earns.