Tiff R E V O I U T i ON A R y W R i T I N q S of DavicJ Lane Deceived, Domned & Defiant The Re ur soma hv WslriNqt of Dwid Linf ivetl, Damned Defiant Tkt. Deceived, Damned, and Defiant: The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane is a book collecting all the works of the Wotanist and White. David Lane – Deceived Damned and Defiant. Identifier DavidLane- DeceivedDamnedAndDefiant. Identifier-ark ark://t0cv5rc4p.

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Still, the Right Wing plays the enemies game of Left vs. They live in a complete fantasy condition caused by false religion, an evil government, self-centeredness, hedonism, mindless jingoism and media conditioning.

But, first let us return to the alphabets and their numerical values. Bonaparte after perusing documents from the Vatican library is reported to have said, “History is a fable.

Doubting Thomas was what some would call an “unreconstructible mean S.

David Lane – Deceived Damned and Defiant

We must now speak with the eloquence of emergency and act with the fanaticism of desperation. I was sentenced to years in prison for not talking, so obviously there are things which must remain untold.

Sex Goddess marked it as to-read Feb 26, Two well known historical figures who fell out of favor after exhibiting rare candor are Napoleon Bonaparte and Henry Ford. Those who have read my articles in the past know that there are certain themes and phrases that I repeat almost endlessly. Furthermore, in order to get a conviction for which there was no real evidence they had Mr.

Who cares about an alleged, so-called war hero, who brags of his activities as a CIA assassin. If we are successful in our goal, expressed in the Fourteen Words: Martinez was to say that I arrived in the yellow Volkswagen, supplied him with the counterfeit money and showed him the newspaper clippings.

Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart and Billy Graham preach the wonders of racial mixing and suicide, for Jesus loves every fellow, black, white, red or yellow. Numbers14 rated it really liked it Nov 29, They conquered Portugal, Spain and started into France.

Deceived, Damned, and Defiant

It reads, “Tyrannies teach what deceiver think. The singular intent of America in all its facets is to mix, overrun and exterminate the White race. Survival is the only issue. I am well aware that this has distressed some of my friends of Christian, agnostic, atheistic damndd pagan persuasions.


Having little in common except that hopefully I was a good lover and she had legs that would raise long-dead monks from forgotten graves, the marriage soon dissolved. In the family was living in a room over a hardware store in Woden. It is by American military and police powers that the White race is denied not only White nations, but exclusively White schools, neighborhoods, organizations and everything necessary for our continued survival as either a biological or cultural entity.

But, as is human nature, the veteran would far rather present himself as a hero to his friends, family and to himself than acknowledge that his actions were genocide against his own gene pool. Vamned numbers are picked from the fourth of the seven magic squares illustration 4 called the Sun Square. Each perjurer damnsd to this at grand juries and the obvious impossibility was on record. Such detachment is die only feasible way to replnce this- system and society, which Spells death for our race.

Additionally, due to heavy taxation, the proceeds being given to Coloreds to breed like flies, we are a comparatively old race. The present power structure’s intellectual masturbation specialists will almost certainly react with the usual specious word games, for dmned is the danned recourse when denying fact. We can naturally say with reasonable certainty that the greater events we are told are fact.

When judging the writings one encounters, some philosophical principles should be employed. This genocide is being accomplished by deliberate design. In the first millennium before the Christian Era the secret teachings were kept alive in the Mystery Schools and corresponding Mystery religions which were found from Tibet in the East to Uppsala, Sweden in the West.

A little Catholic angel with blond hair, blue eyes and charms beyond description. The way it works is this: And state records were sealed. The spirit of this auto-biography, my emotions and motivations, are absolute truth as best as I can relate.

Therefore, nature’s laws are God’s laws, and the highest law of Nature is the preservation of one’s own kind. Do not be dismayed by repeated reference to number.


Years later they paid for her “education” in a Lutheran college from which she graduated to the Lutheran Inner City Missions. They appear after those who loved their people paid with their lives ddeceived imprisonment. To me it did not seem logical or possible that mass murder was carried out as described. Four other Briiders Schweigen, also, defended themselves and we totally destroyed the government’s case.

Deceived, Damned & Defiant: The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane – David Lane – Google Books

If Colored races are in your temples, they will soon be in your bedrooms. They would have been hanged for treason and their names would be vilified forever.

Under this system it is suicidal and destructive. I remember saving pennies for months and then finagling to get her name when the third or fourth grade class exchanged names to swap Christmas presents.

Lane David – Deceived damned and defiant – Free PDF

In obedience to nature’s laws and recognizing ddeceived Nature and her laws are the work of God, whatever a man’s understanding of the Creator might be, and that the highest law is the preservation of one’s own kind, we further demand the formation of exclusive White homelands on the North American continent and in Europe. It has long been noted among men of perception that those who have acquired system sanction through so-called “higher education” seem particularly obtuse in accepting circumstances as shown by common sense, and that these “educated” individuals are usually the last to opt out of a corrupt, destructive and tyrannical system.

However, the Feds were still not finished with me.

He beat the entire family, often with a razor strap. Rader implicate himself in the killing to the extent that he is liable from his own testimony to the death penalty under Colorado law. I want to make these 14 WORDS the most sacred, ddefiant and motivating complex of words in the history of earth. It is beyond just setting priorities.

The coaches are the worst racial criminals and degenerates of all.