Nummular (meaning round or “coin shaped”) dermatitis or eczema (NE) is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by the presence of. Nummular eczema, also known as nummular dermatitis or discoid eczema, is a chronic condition that causes coin-shaped spots to develop on the skin. Patient 22 years old male, lives in subtropical zone. Got quite severe numular dermatitis from knees down. We tried to inject the lesion with corticosteroid, add a .

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One of the keys to treatment and prevention involves keeping the skin moisturized. Blisters can form and grow together to create red patches. Home Treatments and Prevention for Eczema There is currently no cure for eczema. The most common and noticeable symptom of nummular eczema is a patch of coin-shaped lesions on the body.

Discoid eczema

This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat Oral antihistamines may help lessen itching. Both forms of discoid eczema are usually more prevalent on the limbs than the trunk, but the rash may be widespread.

Your dermatologist also may recommend patch testing if treatment does not fully clear your skin. Lotionscreams, and bath oils may help prevent an outbreak.

Review of Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment”. Nummular eczema, also known as nummular dermatitis or discoid eczema, is a chronic condition that causes coin-shaped spots to develop on the skin.

If the hands are affected, use gloves and tools to make sure the skin is not irritated by friction, detergents, solvents, other chemicals or excessive water. Apply a moisturizer at least once a day. Although it may often be mistaken for jock itch, they’re…. Each type has its own identifying characteristics. A dermatologist can recommend products that will not irritate your skin. If your doctor suspects the lesions are a result of an allergic reaction, they may perform an allergy test as well.


If nu,ular dermatologist thinks you have an allergy, patch testing skin tests to find allergies may be recommended.

Discoid eczema – NHS

Overview Nuular called discoid eczema Numulr who get this skin problem often see distinct, coin-shaped nummular or oval sores on their skin. Dernatitis that some oils can irritate your skin. These sores can be stubborn, so seeing a dermatologist for treatment is recommended.

Sometimes discoid eczema clears completely on oral antibiotics, only to recur when they are discontinued. Contact dermatitisa type of eczema caused by coming into contact with a particular irritant, may have a role in discoid eczema. Biopsies are typically not necessary, and cannot be used to rule out other atopic dermatitis or other eczemas. Pityriasis simplex capillitii Cradle cap. Your GP should be able to make a diagnosis just by examining the affected areas of skin.

A review, follow-up and analysis of a series of cases”. People with nummular eczema also tend to dermatitjs sensitive skin that gets irritated easily. Your doctor may be able to diagnose nummular eczema by asking you about your medical history and visually inspecting your skin. Occasionally, areas of skin affected by discoid eczema can be left permanently discoloured after the condition has cleared up. They may also want to perform a skin biopsy to help rule out other possible conditions, such as an numulxr.


Allergic eczema is an itchy skin rash that develops when you come into contact with an allergen. Adding bath oil to the water also may help. This skin problem is more common in men than in women. The patches can dermatitia for several months. You can do this by taking a minute lukewarm bath or shower once a day. Do you have psoriasis or is it eczema? More important than you think Questions lots of kids ask about their skin, hair, and nails.

Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment.

Back to Health A-Z. What is the outlook for people with nummular eczema?

Nummular Eczema

A skin infection caused by bacteria. Diagnosis and treatment How do dermatologists diagnose nummular dermatitis? If the condition flares up, a common treatment involves the application of topical corticosteroids.

How is nummular eczema diagnosed? Learn about the different types of dermatitis, what causes them, and how to prevent it. Ultraviolet radiation UV treatment Phototherapy several times weekly for 6—12 weeks can reduce the extent and severity of discoid eczema.

D ICD – More severe cases sometimes respond to ultraviolet light treatment.