View and Download Sequential Drumtraks operation manual online. Drumtraks Drumtraks Drums pdf manual download. Sequential Drumtraks Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Sequential Drumtraks Operation Manual. Sequential Circuits®. sixtrak and drumtraks Parts & Manuals PARTS * MANUALS * SOFTWARE * SOUNDS * SURVIVAL KITS. SIXTRAK Parts, Manuals, &.

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Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. There are also six audio channel outputs plus a metronome output, and these are shared by the percussion voices as follows: Still provide 2 or 3 slices on the console: Each drum pattern can be up to measures long and can be programmed in any time signature for those who have their own weird and wonderful methods of programming, I suppose. I’ve owned and loved this thumping, wooden- cheeked beauty for a long time but have only recently tried properly integrating it with another sequencer Yamaha RS You can send us a note about this article, or let us know of a problem – select the type from the menu above.

All of the machine’s major functions are accessed by pressing one of two ‘select’ buttons, so, for example, to go from Record to Erase or from Insert to Delete, etc.

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

Links to uncommonly great specials or deals at third party retailers are allowed. Record mode to record, erase to clear. It can therefore be used as sync to MIDI converter 24 or other types of sync. Each voice has a ‘tap’ manuual so that all the sounds can be played ‘live’ or in the record mode.

There are 13 percussion voices: Patterns can be chained together into songs of up to steps each, while the Drumtraks’ memory drumtrzks retained when the mains is turned off via a back-up battery with ‘a ten-year life’. Now I’ve got your attention!


Want to add to the discussion? The sounds are modern and fully editable and in real time.

Channel 1 – bass drum; Channel 2 – snare and snare rim; Channel 3 – toms 1 and 2; Channel 4 – crash and ride cymbal; Channel 5 – open and closed hi-hat; and Channel 6 – claps, tambourine, cowbell and cabasa. Our members also liked: In short a good BAR which is little known and whose potential is unknown, they are so huge for the time. Drumtraks, Drum Machine from Sequential Circuits. Chip Replacement This leads us on to a rather interesting discovery. Once the Eeproms are installed, it’s another world, nothing to do with the original sound delivered.

Sequential Drumtraks 400 Operation Manual

Controls Most of these are fairly straightforward. On the other hand, almost everything else sounded exactly like what a cabasa, clap, tambourine, or whatever should sound like, while the cymbals sounded even better than those on the LinnDrum, the Drumtraks’ extra ROM capacity for this sound allowing a little more decay.

Interfacing The machine has two forms of interface system built in mabual it. D is for Drum ES May The manual mentions controls for song changes, and stop and start, so I could go about it the long way and make every drum pattern I have into a song, but I was wondering if there’s a more immediate technique not mentioned in the manual.

Sequential Drumtraks 400 Manuals

What DrumTraks is still great for is the sounds DrumTraks is unique because of the editing capabilities it has, which are far beyond it’s time. It’s definitely a cool drum machine to have, as when worked in as a creative force, drum machines like this can really be cool.

Gear in this article: The studio that I’ve used it at already had the whole thing set up and ready to go so I didn’t have to deal with making any of the connections. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. My initial reaction to Sequential Circuits’ new digital drum-machine their first was quite a neutral one but, as I spent time with it, that first impression was replaced by real interest. I never would have known about it if I didn’t get the drumtrakks to use it at the home studio of a client.


The Sequential Circuits DrumTraks is a unique drum machine, made in the ‘s. We have a zero tolerance policy for that sort of thing and it is strictly enforced. As already mentioned, it also stores the changes in instrument parameters. In addition, the box has 6 separate outputs, a backup interface K7, a synchro output configurable very useful for different worlds coexist and a midi interface. Anyway, I’m a fan of Sequential 1 I a prophet and from always Today it’s been 3 years since I no longer use it, but it is sure that it will serve in the future: Submit dumtraks new text post.

Please Contribute to mu: First, a selectable 24, 48, or 96 pulse-per-quarter clock input and a pulse output are provided for use with older sequencers, rhythm units and sync-to-tape. Personal attacks, insults, and bad faith criticism of other posters’ equipment or music will not be tolerated. With the Drumtraks, I didn’t get as long a test of it as I would have liked, so perhaps there are some quirks and booby-traps about it that I didn’t have time to discover, but I certainly liked the machine while it was around.

Given that manufacturers are continuing to make things a ‘tidy’ size, you’d think they’d have considered this possibility, but alas The mono output can also drive manua headphones directly, giving a mono signal from each side of the cans.