The Qiagen Epitect Bisulfite kit converts DNA in one step which is followed by a clean up step. Following the bisulfite conversion, I ran a PCR using the. U can try EZ Direct Methylation kit from Zymo research. For formalin fixed tissues, u need to increase the digestion time as well as volume of Proteinase K. Both. during purification. QIAGEN’s EpiTect® Fast Bisulfite kits prevent DNA fragmentation during bisulfite conversion thanks to the unique DNA. Protect Buffer, which.

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Water was applied to nine different bisulfite conversion kits and processed like sample DNAs process negative control sample. The respective bisulfite chemistry is mainly responsible for fragmentation.

DNA methylation of PITX2 in FFPE prostatectomy specimens is a strong prognostic biomarker for identifying patients who are at high risk to suffer from prostate-specific antigen PSA recurrence after radical ectomy [6][7][8][9]. N Engl J Med. Inhibitory effect of eluate derived from different bisulfite conversion kits. The specific conversion of cytosines to uracils at two different genetic loci were analyzed by means of the CFP clone sequencing assay.

Hayatsu summarized the principle of the bisulfite reaction [32]. Urine, ascites, pleural effusions, plasma and serum from 5 to 23 cancer patients were pooled. DNA degradation is mainly caused by depurination and depyrimidation leading to abasic sites [29][31]followed by DNA strand breaks due to N-glycoside bond cleavage.


EpiTect 96 Bisulfite Kit (2) from QIAGEN | SelectScience

Insufficient lysis will not only lead to low DNA yields but will also cause bisulfite artefacts, i. All nine kits studied in this series of experiments showed significantly different but comparable results and high performance when applying high molecular weight HMW DNA. The inappropriate bisufite of methyl-cytosine to thymine was determined for nine different commercially available bisulfite conversion kits. The optimal reaction conditions result from a balanced control of all desired conversion of cytosines and undesired reactions DNA degradation and inappropriate conversion.

The aim of this bisulfitr is to evaluate the performance of the most widely used kits: However, several technological advances have now led to protocols which are much more convenient and user friendly compared to the kiit 16 hours protocol [19][20][21][22][23][24].

In this study, the performance of nine kits was evaluated: Discussion Several kits for bisulfite conversion of DNA are commercially available each showing advantages and disadvantages. Received Jan 17; Accepted Mar 8. The inappropriate conversion of methylated cytosines to thymines varied between 0.

EpiTect Bisulfite Kit (48), from Qiagen – Labsave

Several studies describe the sensitive analysis of DNA methylation biomarkers in plasma or serum as promising tests for early detection of various tumors [10][11]. Direct input of blood plasma and serum. Kits based on long incubation times lead to a higher fragmentation of DNA.

Support Center Support Center.

PCR measurements of each bisulfite reaction were carried in triplicate. Nucleic Acids Symp Ser Oxf.


Correlation between conversion efficiency and inappropriate conversion was tested using Pearson correlation. InFrommer et al.

EpiTect Bisulfite Kit (48)

However, fpitect adaptions to the single protocols higher incubation temperature, higher bisulfite concentration, prolonged incubation time will allow increasing the conversion efficiency at the expense of higher inappropriate conversion. In particular ammonium bisulfite is a strong reduction agent and therefore suffers from oxidation during prolonged exposure to oxygen.

Chr13,— as previously described [26] was used to quantify the total amount of unconverted and converted DNA simultaneously forward primer: Shown are mean values of triplicate PCR measurements. The conversion-unspecific amplification of two primer pairs, encoding a bp- and a bp-fragment located in different regions of chromosome 2, were shown to amplify genomic as well as bisulfite converted DNA Figure 7 B.

The DNA from FFPE tissue already showed a strong fragmentation before bisulfite conversion, therefore only minor differences between the kits can be observed after conversion. Dimo Dietrich is co-inventor and owns patents on methylation biomarkers and related technologies.

The following kits were applied: A high stability of bisulfite-converted DNA is required if studies are to be conducted over a period of time.