Michael Huemer. University of Colorado, Boulder. Abstract. This book defends a form of ethical intuitionism, according to which (i) there are objective moral. Ethical Intuitionism is a book (hardcover release: , paperback release: ) by University of Colorado philosophy professor Michael Huemer. Ethical Intuitionism was one of the dominant forces in British moral Michael Huemer, David McNaughton, and Russ Shafer-Landau, are now.

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People in the United States drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Braude – – University of Chicago Press. Indeed, on his view, perhaps no belief is evidentially unchallenged.

I have said enough to show why we are prima facie justified in rejecting this. He should say that for some moral truths, we need no evidence, since we are directly aware of inthitionism, and that awareness takes the form of intuitions; that is, intuitions just partly constitute our awareness of moral facts. There is a large man standing on the bridge over the track.

Secondly, even if the concept of heat were not incomplete or superficial, in so far as it is a concept of a natural property we have good reason to think that the empirical sciences are much better equipped to discover the nature of heat than a priori reflection.

Because making one or two errors in a calculation cannot normally heumer expected to result in one’s coming to the correct conclusion.


All a priori knowledge is, or derives from, knowledge of the properties and relations of universals. In the last three chapters, we have seen that moral claims are assertions about a class of irreducible, objective properties, which cannot be known on the basis of observation. So it looks like the order in which intuitilnism cases are given affects people’s intuitions about the cases. Ben Eggleston – – Southwest Philosophy Review 19 2: Because it seems bad.

We ‘see’ this, not with our eyes, but with our intellect intuirionism reason. Suppose I say, ‘The King of Colorado is fluffy’.

What does it have to do with moral philosophy? But this should suffice to make clear why Mackie is not entitled to take empiricism for granted as a premise from which to attack intuitionism. To be sure that a proposition is self-evident it must: If, on the other hand, we reject this conception of prima facie justification, then it is unclear how one is supposed to check anything. Such variance in degrees of clarity allows that a self-evident proposition may be imperfectly and obscurely grasped, and this may lead someone to deny its truth.

Intuitionists could defend themselves from this objection by downplaying the amount of moral disagreement. We cannot know in advance that every naturalistic definition will fail this test. What is obvious to you may not be obvious to me.

Ethical Intuitionism (book) – Wikipedia

With concepts of natural properties and substances like heat and water we have two reasons for thinking that the corresponding properties may be different. For instance, hjemer may have moral intuitions about concrete cases, such as various trolley cases see below and various anti-consequentialist counter-examples. Philosophical Studies1: It is consistent with this that there be many false intuitions.


As these authors view things, claiming that some at least of the propositions intuited are self-evident does not gain intuitionists anything.

Huemer is understandably frustrated that so many people still misrepresent intuitionism and fail to take it seriously. Intuitionists need not, however, rest their view about the property of goodness on a general thesis about the relation of concepts and properties. The most distinctive features of ethical intuitionism are its epistemology and ontology.

5 Moral Knowledge

Sinnott-Armstrong would say that in order for the undercutting defeater the 1 st stranger’s comment to be defeated by the factory worker’s claim that the stranger is a trickster, the factory worker’s comment must provide McCoy with a reason to think that his belief was formed reliably.

Not only does 1 fail to logically imply 2but they typically do not even belong to the same subject matter. In that case, his concept of chaos is confused and is not an adequate grasp of the nature of chaos.

The method is roughly this: