Eusebius, Onomasticon. A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary. Series: Jewish and Christian Perspectives Series, Volume: 9. Authors. Eusebius, Onomasticon A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary R. Steven Notley and Ze’ev Safrai · June One of the challenging tasks for. Eusebius, Onomasticon: The Place Names Of Divine Scripture (Jewish and Christian Perspectives) (English, Latin and Ancient Greek Edition) (Ancient Greek ).

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A very high proportion of the sites on the map are directly from the text of the Greek Onomasticonaccording to some estimates two thirds. It is quite possible that Eusebius himself added the Gospel items at the end of each alphabetic section of his source. It is also near Scythopolis.

Noted eusbius Chessalous we spoke of it above under the name Chsalus. Also the region around it. At best such references would have been noted “Josephus affirms” or “of which we read in Josephus.

Prepositions and articles are usually not separated euseebius the following word. Located in the Great plain east of Legeon. The theological, biblical xviii and exegetical tradition of Origen was most influential on Eusebius.

Survey of Western PalestineIVp. There are assorted notices of his activities in the writings of his contemporaries AthanasiusAriusEusebius of Nicomediaand Alexander of Alexandria.

Of first rank is the Pilgrim of Bordeaux ca. It may have been mediated to Eusebius through Origen and his school with added textual information from the Hexapla. Most reject the scholion as too late or misinformed, but E. City set aside for priests. All its inhabitants are Christian. My reason for the first of these suppositions is: Scholars and students alike will find his work indispensable for an understanding the physical settings of the biblical narrative.


Eusebius was probably born into the Christian contingent of the city. Avi-Yonah notes four classes, three of which probably derive directly from the Greek Onomasticon: City separated to Levites. The first known Christian topographer, Eusebius, sought to identify the biblical site as it was in biblical times.

The interest in shrines and tombs could be from an earlier Jewish hand or from an earlier distinct source available to our “author”-“editor.

Occasionally there is added reference to the capture of the place by Joshua and the subsequent killing of its king, or the fact that the tribe to whom the place was allotted was unable to dispossess the original inhabitants and so take possession of their territory.

As the historian Socrates Scholasticus said, at the opening of his history which was designed as a continuation of Eusebius, “Also in writing the life of Constantine, this same author has but slightly treated of matters regarding Ariusbeing more intent on the rhetorical finish of his composition and the praises of the emperor, than on an accurate statement of facts. There is now shown a village four miles from Malaatha, and twenty from Hebron.

As noted above Jerome was familiar with the Constantinian and post-Constantinian church foundations. The text as preserved to us in final redaction is often a heterogeneous agglomerate of unrelated materials assembled by many hands over several centuries.

Its ruins at Qeisariyeh are eight miles south of Dor and about thirty miles north of Jaffa. Given by lot to the tribe of Juda.


Eusebius of Caesarea, Onomasticon () Translation. pp.

Texte und Untersuchungen For the history of Caesarea see Reifenbera, A. The entries for Joshua under Taufor example, read as follows: Bishop of Caesarea c. All those interested in biblical studies, or historical Onomasitcon research, Second Temple Judaism, church history, history of religions, archaeology, and historical geography.

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ECF: Eusebius of Caesarea: Onomasticon

It is in the region borders of the Damascanes. Wolf returned to Toledo, Ohio in as pastor at Hope Lutheran church. The Madaba Map, p. Although posterity suspected him of ArianismEusebius had made himself indispensable by his method of authorship; his comprehensive and careful excerpts from original sources saved his successors onomasicon painstaking labor of original research. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Where some of those people were consumed by fire. Gwynn, “From Iconoclasm to Arianism: The “Chronici canones” of Eusebius of Caesarea: Genesis Joshua Judges Kings Lambda.

They were not able to possess it since the former inhabitants remained in it.

The scientific student of biblical geography and topography is forced to face up to many problems, to choose among many possibilities and claimants, and at times to be honestly agnostic. As noted above they onomaasticon be glosses or a later editorial addition.