Bestselling Author of Thrilling, Dark Books for Teens & Adults. Series Reading Order: Otherkin. This is the reading order for the Otherkin series by Eve Silver: Sins of the Heart; *Sin’s Daughter · Sins of the. The Otherkin book series by Eve Silver includes books Sins of the Heart, Sins of the Soul, Sins of the Flesh, and several more. See the complete Otherkin series.

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The nurses began to ask what I was reading and soon got into the story. This was an interesting book. Overall, a bold beginning to an excellent series although some readers may find it too dark wve gritty for their tastes.

On each Page, click on the series name to go directly to my review.

Sins of the Heart

As though no one else is worthy of his regard but her thereby making Roxy the sole fixture of his complete and intense attention. Amazon should send me a thank you gift certificate.

And, once again, I was more than happy to take it with them. It definitely wets the palate for more, even though it is rather rushed. They are both experiencing “waking dreams” which leave them craving the other. They should be enemies but the connection made between them was too strong to resist. She’s suffered early from her naivete which has inevitably lead her to clam up around any who make any probing movements leaving her once again never alone but incredibly lonely.

The unanswered questions from the first version remain. As she maneuvers around to get a look at the rest of her small apartment, she’s startled by the actions of one of the Hunters. But more than that, this book was just wonderfully executed. As I became fully immersed in this story, I found myself attempting to connect the intricate pieces to a very large puzzle not quite knowing where the journey would ultimately lead With a grin, he went back to stroking her hip.

The complex information is a lot to take in but made the story really powerful and much more intriguing.


This book is so unique and I look forward to reading more of eilver series in the future! Sutekh was a character that was so cold, I could feel goosebumps while I was reading. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

If you’d like a review copy, please contact HarperCollins I think the plot was a little muddled, and there were a lot of open ends. Silver’s writing flows smoothly and the banter between characters, especially between the hero and heroine, is witty and engaging. When his youngest son is murdered he sends si,ver this remaining sons to find his body so it an be reanimated and to find out who would dare do such a thing not caring about the deadly consequences.

She has no real family and is scarred by her early life. Now a soul reaper they find themselves working together to othrrkin off whatever is hunting them both. But she is angry with him. Having lived with the need and loss of her savior for over a decade, Roxy has given up hope of ever dispelling Daegan Krayle from her mind completely. And while knowing that his change in allegiance from Sutekh to Roxy will surely spell his doom, Daegan will do anything to keep her heart shielded within the protective strength of his arms forever.

He haunts her dreams, igniting her body aflame with lust making any relationship in reality a complete waste. It is this and not that fact that efe is a reaper and son of the Lord of Chaos, Sutekh, that really has stuck with her.

The room disappeared, and he saw only those silvsr. So far it’s a story line that’s kept me engaged so here’s hoping that continues.

Otherkin Series

She’s bound, but not screaming. There is no lock on the bathroom door! Giles, a dangerous place made all the more frightening by the fact that someone lurks in the shadows, watching Sarah, stalking her like a beast of prey.

Dagan had what can best be described as waking dreams of Roxy, but he tells him self soul reapers do not dream. All made even better by the fact that their was heavy sarcasm involved.


With a male lead that’s hot and yet aloof, and a female lead that’s feisty and has a backbone that would put badass warriors to shame? But, now, having joined the Daughters instead of avoiding othegkin, as Dagan warned, Roxy is sent to retrieve a kidnapped girl. Not Enabled Screen Reader: He needed to harvest the darksoul.

Sins of the Heart (The Sins Series, #1) by Eve Silver

It’s a keeper as far as sticking with the series now that I finally figured out whose who. I took my Kindle with me for every test and read to keep from freaking out. Roxy Tam was once saved by Dagan Krayl, a sugar-loving soul reaper.

Even with its insta beginning, it feels real and organic. Can they put old hurts and rivalries aside in their common goal to discover the truth and prevent an all-encompassing war ece may result in the destruction of humanity? This review has been updated following Eve Othekin re-release of the book with a new cover, edited content and added material.

HEA is TBD since this appears to possibly be series long but they did view spoiler [ declarations of love hide spoiler ] And while Rene didn’t actively recommend the book to me, I saw her review on book 3 with some quotes sivler the book that intrigued me and happened othdrkin be what I was in the mood for, so thank you Rene for the suggestion ; ETA: The new release resolves the slow start of the initial edition by streamlining the chapters, which results in a faster pace and a clearer conceptualization of the complex connections between characters and events.

Forced into an uneasy alliance and plagued by the unwanted yearning between them, they must work together to elude the dark forces hunting them both No trivia or quizzes yet. They aren’t human but we expect characters to still have silvwr behavior.