Choose Connection for Lenovo Servers. Buy a IBM Express System x M4 Intel GHz Xeon and get great service and fast delivery. : IBM EJU EXPRESS X M4 X/ 8C 8GB IN HS SR M DVDR W P/S RACK: Office Products. IBM System x M4 (/); IBM BladeCenter HS23E (/); IBM BladeCenter HS23 (/); IBM System x M4 ().

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x3550 M4 Options

In rank sparing mode, one rank of a DIMM in each populated channel is reserved as spare memory. The following table lists the RAID controllers and the additional options used for the internal disk storage of the x M4 server. Authors David Watts Ilya Krutov. Intel Xeon and Intel are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

The x M4 is Energy Star 2. Server models with 3. Network adapters The x M4 supports four integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports. External backup units The following table lists the external backup options that are offered by Lenovo that can be used in x M4 solutions.

Providing a single source for support of hardware and software issues, RTS can reduce problem resolution time, decreasing the cost to address technical problems and increasing uptime. Hot-swap parts Hard drives, power supplies, fans. Low-voltage Intel Xeon processors draw less energy to satisfy the demands of power and thermally constrained data centers exlress telecommunication environments. The System x M4 exprsss is designated as customer setup.

The System x M4 has a three-year warranty with 24×7 standard call center support and 9×5 Next Business Day onsite coverage. We ezpress dedicated to delivering a positive finance experience for customers like you who want to maximize your purchase power by obtaining the technology you need today, protect against technology obsolescence, and preserve your capital for other uses. Up to 30 MB L3 cache.

The Sales Manual is updated periodically as new features and options are announced that support these servers. The following table lists the uninterruptible power supply UPS units that are offered by Lenovo that can be used in x M4 solutions. Review your unattended software installation program information for specific hardware configuration requirements. You can replace the second riser card with one of the following or configure one of these riser cards instead of the second riser card using special bid or CTOprovided a second processor is also installed:.


For all other non-IBM parts, customers are responsible for sourcing the parts. For more information, see the list of Product Guides in the Backup units category: Installation of Tier 1 CRUs, as specified in this announcement, is your responsibility.

Additional charges may apply outside normal IBM service area. For more information about Lenovo warranty service upgrade offerings that are available in your country, visit the Lenovo Services website: New, innovative, energy-smart design with powerful high-performance processors, edpress large capacity of high-performing DDR3 memory, and a no-compromise feature set ideal for business-critical applications and cloud deployments:.

The maximum Bits per Pixel color depth is not supported for all resolutions and refresh rates. In those locations where On-site Service is not available, the normal in-country service delivery is used. If required, IBM provides repair or exchange service, depending on the type of warranty service specified below for the machine.

Disk drive options for internal disk storage Part number Feature code Description Maximum supported 2. Remotely viewing video with graphics resolutions up to x at 75 Hz with up to 23 bits per pixel, regardless of the sxpress state Remotely accessing the server using the keyboard and mouse from a remote client Mapping the CD or DVD drive, diskette drive, and USB flash drive on a remote client, and mapping ISO and diskette image files as virtual drives that are available for use by the server Uploading a diskette image to the IMM memory and mapping it to the server as a virtual drive The blue-screen capture feature captures the video display contents before the IMM restarts the server when the IMM detects an operating system hang condition.

When you buy IBM System x technology, include the support services you need — to help keep both your hardware and software working for you, day after day, at peak performance. Processor quantity and model, number of cores, core speed, L3 cache, memory speed, TDP.

With Active Energy Manager, the user can understand the actual power draw. Up to nine expansion enclosures can be daisy-chained per one external controller port. The following table lists the supported GPUs. IBM is covering the service on these selected non-IBM parts as an accommodation to its x350, and normal warranty service procedures for the IBM machine apply. Two Intel Xeon processor connectors are standard on the system board to support installation of a second processor, up to 20M cache, and up to two 8.


IBM services include business consulting, outsourcing, hosting services, applications, and other technology management.

Typical functions and monitoring capabilities can include:. The following table lists the hard disk drives supported by EXP external expansion enclosures.

The product books are offered in displayable softcopy form. We focus on making it easy to do business with us.

You must provide a suitable working area to wxpress disassembly and reassembly of the IBM machine. Other items are in zipped bags or boxes.

A2G – Lenovo System x M4 – rack-mountable – Xeon E GHz – 4 GB – 0 GB

IBM will attempt to resolve your problem over the telephone or electronically by access to an IBM website. Lenovo warranty service upgrade offerings are country-specific. Lenovo provides service 8: To determine the eligibility of your machine and to view a list of countries where service is available, visit.

The slot form factors are as follows: PCI Expansion slots Two slots, depending on the riser cards installed. Controllers for internal storage The following table lists the RAID controllers and the additional options used for the internal disk storage of the x M4 server.

Advanced management capabilities built into System x servers are available through:. The blue-screen capture feature captures the video display contents before the IMM restarts the server when the IMM detects an operating system hang condition. You must follow the problem determination and resolution procedures that IBM specifies. They can help you integrate your high-speed networks, storage systems, application servers, wireless protocols, and an array of platforms, middleware, and communications software for IBM and eexpress non-IBM offerings.