FAA 8900.1 PDF

ORDER. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION. National Policy. Effective Date: 09/13/ SUBJ. 8/1/ CHG 1. UNCONTROLLED COPY WHEN DOWNLOADED. Check with FSIMS to verify current version before using. VOLUME 10 SAFETY. Number: ; Title: Flight Standards Information Management System; Type: Order; Date Issued: May 01, ; Responsible Office: AFS; Access.

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General Information and the Certification Process. Safety Management System Voluntary Program.

Change 12 to Noncompetitive demonstration races are to be handled like competitive events. When required documents are accepted, the Document Compliance Phase is completed. Certification, Air Carrier and 91K: Change 11 to Emphasis in this phase is on compliance with regulations and safe operating practices. Change 97 to Part Repair Stations.


The report shall be signed by the Faa and have a summary of difficulties, if any, encountered during the accreditation process, and any recommendations made by the team. Primary Race Pilot Name: Scope, Concepts, and Definitions. Flightcrew Basic Indoctrination Curriculum Segments. All air race organizations that receive accreditation by the FAA must be reaccredited every 24 calendar-months unless canceled, suspended, superseded, or revoked.

Renew a Part 65 Inspection Authorization.

Flight Standards Information System (FSIMS)

The Advanced Qualification Program. Aviation Safety Action Program.

890.01 Safety Inspector Surveillance Decisionmaking. Change 73 to Crewmember and Dispatcher Records Inspections for Parts and Change 67 to Review Accreditation Process 5.


Miscellaneous Part 61 Certification Information. Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program. Maintenance and Minimum Equipment Lists for U. Race timing teams are permitted in the area between the crowd line and the show line during racing. Change 4 to Change 62 to Evaluating the Required Inspection Program.


Rotorcraft Authorizations and Limitations. Change 25 to Safety Management System Special Considerations. Assignment of FAA Responsibilities.

Change 60 to Change 8 to An initial acceptance should not continue for an extended period of time. Evaluating and Inspecting Part 91 Aircraft. Change 61 to