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Translated from the German by Robert Elsie. We will analyze some verses of folkloric songs of these areas in our paper, with special emphasis on the ethnographic element of clothing, as an unlimited material value that speaks about the pfr yet happy life of the people of this region. Remember me on this computer. Data show that the depletion of the region of Reka was caused by the human factor whereupon material goods and resources were despoiled.

The invaders and robbers despoiled and devastated this region. The two places we are going to take into consideration in this paper in terms of ways of celebrating these two festivals are Upper Reka and Shkodra. The increase of the number of participants in these classes was a product of teacher Anastas, since he knew how to convince the Albanians, especially those who had messed up religion and nation.

Falja e Namazit per Fillestar..

After years of 90’s of the previous century, with the possibility of the establishment of private enterprises, some residents of Upper Reka established private enterprises. Filkestar were 24 issues in the first year and 16 in the second.


This includes houses, flats, fireplaces, supplementary constructions, springs, mills, inns, and other constructions for handicraft needs. This paper includes Rekan recipients who live in different parts in Macedonia, such as Debar, Gostivar, Tetovo, Skopje, etc. Upper Reka businessmens are filelstar regardless of where they live and operate.

Falja e Namazit per Fillestar 5

Before assimilation happened, the destruction of this national geography occurred. Existence, Space and Architecture. The naturally rich regions are quite often neglected — sometimes deliberately by not investing neither in production capacities, nor infrastructure, education, etc. Kral nga vitistatistika e konsullit rus A. Jonuz Abdullai, 3 korrik In Upper Reka there are no paid mourners crying women.

Studiuesja Edibe Osmani sqaron: Ata ishin edhe personifikim i diellit. A special characteristic of this category of popular creations are cries that are not connected to deaths. Veli Ademi, 5 korrik Morphophonological modifications in this dialect, i. At this time he would move to Bulgaria and settle in Blagoevgrad.

This paper discusses the great contribution of the Rekan Albanians in defending their native lands against the Serb invasion, which at a great extent forced the local population to leave their households and move elsewhere.

These two places, though not with a border geographical elongation, and even far from one another are interesting to compare with regard to the celebration of the above-mentioned festivals. La Poetique de l’Espace. The villages of Reka were emptied and people were placed in towns where the existing power of the time could tempt them by offering to them jobs, positions, as well as by threatening them too. Zyber Bakiu, Logos A, Shkup,f.


Falja e Namazit per Fillestar.. – Watch or Download |

The Albanian Golgotha reached its peak with the devastation of the economy of Albanian regions, as is the case with Upper Reka. After this battle and revenge against the Albanians, Anastas would again return to Kumanovo to open a school, but he could not manage this since the population was in a miserable situation on one hand, and on the other, he had also lost touch with J.

Ajo e ndjek njeriun hap pas hapi: Shih, Veliu, Ibid, f. If Macedonian Albanians have been more limited when it comes to their rights to education and others, this cannot be said for those living in Albania and Kosovo, or the Diaspora, and yet they never raised their voice against all of these sufferings and oppression. Unfortunately, these Albanians are becoming extinct, due to the oppression by the Slavic Macedonian forces, and the lack of support by the other Albanians, who did not undertake even the smallest step towards helping their compatriots, even though they have had the chance of doing at certain times.