Copenhagen has ratings and reviews. Manny said: So what did you think?- I liked it! A lot of really interesting historical stuff about the. More information has come to light, since Michael Frayn’s play premiered in , about its subject: the ruptured friendship between the. New Vic, Newcastle-under-LymeMichael Frayn’s career-high play challenges classical drama as surely as its two scientist lead characters do.

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Frayn’s play brought more attention to what previously had been a primarily scholarly discussion. I did not respond to this at all, but as you perhaps regarded this as an expression of doubt, you related how in the preceding years you had devoted yourself almost exclusively to the question and were quite certain that it could be done Jeremy Bernstein in particular has done some work on it.

Did Heisenberg try to sabotage the German bomb project? I thought I’d got away with it. Some of the critics have very strong opinions on the matter — in part because they really think the idea that Heisenberg was somehow taking a moral high-ground is very offensive, especially considering the propagandizing Heisenberg did during the war for the German Foreign Office.

It can also be thought to exist “inside the heads” of the characters present. I’m not sure you really understood that bit. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Historical thoughts on Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen | Restricted Data

Heisenberg’s comment that he knew about the potential for weaponizing uranium fission, appears to counter the arguments of critics such as Rose [12] and Bernstein [13] that calculation errors in about feasibility, rather than moral scruples, led Heisenberg not to pursue building nuclear weapons. There are many other, more interesting reasons to attribute the failure of the German bomb project. Unfortunately, because of Heisenberg’s concerns about being monitored — his discussion of any details of Germany’s nuclear efforts with someone in an occupied country would have been illegal — his remarks were cryptic.


He is best known as the author of the farce Noises Off and the dramas Copenhagen and Democracy.

No one understands my trip to Copenhagen. As soon as I read it I began to think that this story reflected some of the problems that I had been thinking about in philosophy for a long time. If the Fran had someone more like Fermi on their team, one can imagine them getting a pile working by the end of the war.

Sep 11, Paul Ataua rated it really liked it. The way he uses quantum mechanics as a sustained metaphor throughout.


Michael Frayn is an English playwright and novelist. For further information, please Drama on 3: They were two of the absolute best scientists in their field—this was the same Heisenberg who had formulated the Uncertainty Principle—and they had challenged each other to do some crayn their very best work.

If Copenhagen errs this is where it errs: The play was originally written in English, but the real people in the fraayn may have had this conversation in Danish or German. It is not a clear statement for or against a bomb to mention an experimental reactor design — you can interpret it multiple ways, depending on what one thinks Heisenberg was trying to accomplish e.

I noticed tears in your eyes at one point. The way Frayn applied their scientific theories to their lives rrayn impressed me, but, above all, it’s a story about scientists as human beings, something I always enjoy reading. Building things and managing labs or people was not his forte. It was about relationships.

Copenhagen review – Michael Frayn’s masterwork still blazes with mystery

After the play inspired numerous scholarly and media debates over frany meeting, the Niels Bohr Archive [7] in Copenhagen released to the public all sealed documents related to the meeting, a move intended mostly to settle historical arguments over what they contained.

According to Rhodes book, Heisenberg slipped Bohr a copy of the German reactor plans during the Coopenhagen meeting. Same scene as above, different moment. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.


As Heisenberg wrote to Jungk. It was jarring at first. View all 4 comments. Kramers George Uhlenbeck Rudolph Peierls. Frayn’s clever dramatic structure, which returns repeatedly to particular scenes from different points of view, allows several possible theories as to what his motives could have been. Bohr was always sceptical about Heisenberg’s matrix algebra, but Heisenberg’s line was that if it made the right predictions then it doesn’t matter that there’s no intuitive interpretation.

Are you a wave or a particle? But above all they were human, with all the requisite failings and ambiguities, and when considered as such they become so much more fascinating — which is why I picked up Co I’m kind of fascinated by the history of science, in particular by the lives of the various actors involved.

It had to make a very strong impression on me that at the very outset you stated that you felt certain that the war, if it lasted sufficiently long, would be decided with atomic weapons.

The story focuses on physics and the atomic bomb, but most of all on relationships and et I have been listening to few old plays this weekend and this one really touched me.

I have been listening to few old plays this weekend and this one really touched me. For most people, the principles of nuclear physics are not only incomprehensible but inhuman. Truman 10 Hiroshima 42 Historiography 22 Copenhageb.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Supek however felt it was “his duty to announce these facts so that future generations can know the truth about the Bohr — Heisenberg meeting”.

When ski-ing, swerve left, right or think about it and die? I read it cipenhagen to my husband.