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Degree Of Master Mason.

A sign sufficed to stop the slaughter; the combatants threw away their arms, embraced each other fraternally and at once became friends and Brethren as their oaths prescribed”, and the “Handbuch” [84] declares: As to unity, Masonic authorities unanimously affirm that Freemasonry throughout the world is one, and that all Freemasons form in reality but one lodge; that distinct lodges exist only for the sake of convenience, and that consequently every regular Mason is entitled to be received in every regular lodge of the world as a brother, and, if in distress, to be relieved.

There are besides many unaffiliated Masons having ceased to be members of a lodge who are not ahimna.

General Ahiman Rezon Index

The title Ahiman Rezon has been often said to be of the Hebrew language and variously mean “to help a brother”, “will of selected brethren”, “The secrets of prepared brethren”, “Royal Builders” and “Brother Secretary”.

The new lodges began as convivial societies, and their characteristic Masonic spirit developed ahhiman slowly. This influence is insured to it in the Grand Orient systems of Latin countries; it is felt even in Britain and Canada, where the supreme chiefs of craft Masonry are also, as a rule, prominent members of the Supreme Councils of the Scottish Rite.

In this acceptation Freemasonry, according to the official English, Scottish, American, etc. Charge To The Candidate.

From this point of view the symbol of the Grand Architect of the Universe and of the Bible are indeed of the utmost importance for Masonry. In France and Germany, at the beginning Masonry was practised according to the English ritual [67] but so-called ahimqn Masonry soon arose. Dermott’s political purpose in writing the Ahiman Rezon is revealed in his short history of famous leaders of the ancient world who were of ‘mean extraction, that is poor, such as Tamerlane the son of a herdsman, and on the cover which shows the arms of the Worshipful Company of Masons as well as those of the Freemasons, possibly ahhiman an attempt to re-connect Freemasonry to its operative and artisan roots.


General Ahiman Rezon

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Moreover, British and American Grand Lodges declare that they are fully satisfied with such a vague, in fact merely verbal declaration, without further inquiry into the nature of this belief, and that they do not dream of claiming for Freemasonry that it is a “church”, a “council”, a “synod”.

Retrieved from ” https: Concerning God and Religion. Laurence Dermott, Ahiman Rezon retrieved 29 July The union of the two systems in England was genrral by a similar union in America.

Ahiman Rezon – Wikipedia

This “universal religion of Humanity” which gradually removes the accidental divisions of mankind due to particular opinions “or religious”, national, and social “prejudices”, is to be the bond of union among men in the Masonic society, conceived as the model of human association in general. By the time the Ancients and Moderns united ineight editions had been published. Pobierz fragment dostosowany na: Many lodges have a Chaplain for religious ceremonies and addresses. Since it has spread over Europe.

The Common Gavel Section Gendral. A Mason is obliged by his Tenure to observe the moral law as trueNoahida genersl of Noah, the first name of Freemasons and if he rightly understands the craft, he will never be a stupid atheist or an irreligious libertine nor act against conscience.

The Grand Lodges of Frankfort-on-the-Main and Darmstadt practice an eclectic system on the basis of the English ritual. Part of a series on. The Lodge And Its Government. It strives to exert a preponderant influence on the other Masonic bodies, wherever it is established.


In order to preserve peace and harmony no private piques or quarrels must be brought within the door of the Lodge, far less any quarrels about Religion or Nations or State Policy, we being only, as Masons, of the Catholick Religion, above mentioned, we are also of all Nations, Tongues, Kindreds and Languages and are resolved against all Politicks [printed in generwl original in Gothic letters] as what rfzon yet conduced to the welfare of the Lodge nor ever will.

The members of this Grand Lodge are known by the designation of “Ancient Masons”. Thus in most of the Lodges of the United States only the Masters third degree are counted, while in other countries the apprentices and fellows are added.

Atheism is not positively condemned, but just sufficiently disavowed to meet the exigencies of the time, when an open admission of it would have been fatal to Masonry. It is a fact attested by experienced men of all countries that, wherever Masonry is influential, non-Masons have to suffer in their interests from the systematical preferment which Masons give each other in appointment to offices and employment. These texts, though differing slightly, are identical as to their essential tenor.

Confirming our statement as to the active members of the strictly Masonic bodies, which in calendars and year books are registered as such, we may, upon recent and reliable sources [99] estimate the actual state of Freemasonry as follows: