Sri Tripura Rahasya or Haritayana Samhita. (THE MYSTERY BEYOND THE TRINITY) Translated by. SWAMI SRI RAMANANANDA SARASWATHI. Tripura Rahasya – haritaayana samhita. THE MYSTERY BEYOND THE TRINITY If you wanted to know from where the movies The Matrix & its sequels,The. Following India’s Vedic tradition, “Vastu” helps guide people to prosperity and tranquility in life by aligining architectural spaces with the natural world. This work .

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Otherwise after sleep a man would get up as somebody else. Sri Dattatreya Aims – Bal Sxmhita. The Supreme God is thus the embodiment of pure Consciousness. I shall now give you the proof of this statement.

The Sage’s son has built his own world inside a hill. This is the fourth state Turiya which is the string on which all the diverse objects of the universe harltayana strung and the whole is a garland to Sri Ramana!

The dream is itself an illusion and the mistake is an illusion in the illusion.

Tripura Rahasya – Wikipedia

Or do you hope to recover your loss by such grief? It is neither unknowable nor remains unknown at any moment. A long distance by one vehicle is short by another. What you ask me, dear, amounts to asking me to show your eyes to you. Just as the image is part and parcel of the clear, smooth, compact and one mirror, so also the universe as part and parcel of the hatitayana, solid and unitary consciousness, namely the Self.


They have originated from time immemorial and recur with unbroken haritayxna. They must wait until you obtain my permission. Sushruta samhita on mithuna. If the same be imagined vacuous it will melt away into the void. Penance is only possible and can progress without obstruction because the king protects yogis.

You will observe similar change in the seas and on earth. In a sense there is no secret to be revealed. So let us return to my father. There is a lucid commentary in Sanskrit on Haritayana Samhita.

He awoke in an hour and a half, opened his eyes and saw his wife nearby. Then Varuni threw off his mask in the court and restored back all the men formerly drowned in the sea. The king was struck with wonder on seeing the yogic power of the saint. The other was practised by Lopamudra and approved of the wise. Since the status of women in society was not very high this text stands apart as daring and unconventional.

Investigate the matter yourself, and your delusion will gradually lose hold of you and pass off. The body is composed of food, so how can you be the body? What you consider the happy state as accomplished by the movements of your eyelids, cannot indeed be perfect because it is certainly intermittent and not unconditional.


A conception is forceful unless obstructed by an antecedent one and thus destroyed.

To make it thought-free is to keep it pure. Retrieved 22 April The underlying consciousness in them all is called Sri Tripura. Stories you may want to read.

Tripura Rahasya: The mystery beyond the Trinity

How could anything affect you like this? Therefore God is supreme, perfect, pure and self-contained.

He ceased to identify himself with the body, and became absolute as transcendental space until he was finally liberated. Are you in good health? He could not identify the body as the Self, and haritayanq began to transcend it.

Haritayana samhita

I do not believe that there is anything that you harigayana not know. It cannot be taught if it always remains unknown. Or can any one prove in any manner anything outside consciousness? The owl sees in darkness and is blinded in sunlight.