A whisper on the tide. Sapphire’s father mysteriously vanishes into the waves off the Cornwall coast where her family has always lived. She misses him terribly. Master storyteller Helen Dunmore writes the story of Sapphire and her brother Conor, and their discovery of INGO, a powerfu. Helen Dunmore captures the magical appeal of the Cornish coast in Ingo, says Philip Ardagh.

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Our young heroine, Sapphire, is 11 years old as the novels begin and she has just lost her dearly loved father.

Ingo Book Review

Available now wherever books are sold. One small adventure of Sapphy and Conor’s was wrapped up neatly, with enough loose ends and unanswered questioned to lead into a sequel.

In the end, it simply didn’t resonate with me. It has been a memorable book that I won’t ever forget.

The Ingo series by Helen Dunmore

It’s not one of my favorite, but like I said, the intended audience is much younger than I am, and I still found it enjoyable enough. When have you seen people use this rationale? Ingo Ingo 1 by Helen Dunmore.

The sight of the mermaid burned in his mind, day and night. By the way, I found a particularly vile review on Amazon, and had to respond ingp it. This is Faro, a Mer boy, whose sister Elvira has befriended Conor. The Mer characters are also interesting. I Bought the book that day not realizing it was the second book. Lives depend on it.

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: Ingo (): Helen Dunmore: Books

There’s also a subplot of how the girl wants a dog. Against their mother’s orders, she and her brother Connor spent most of their time swimming in the deep blue. Once in a while, I’d pick it up and read a chapter, but I wasn’t compelled to keep reading or pick it up again. So instead, I was just irritated that the girl would so blatantly disregard her family and loved ones to fulfill her own selfish desire for the sea. Written in first person was also a nice touch, as we really got to delve deeper into Sapphires emotions throughout the novel.


Everyone is free to edit anything but if someone damages any part of the WIki apart from editingyou will be blocked by Ingo Wiki by me. However, that is my only complaint. Her brother, worried Sapphire will “disappear,” takes her to the wise Granny Carne, who imparts her knowledge about Sapphire and Connor’s Mer inheritance. One swear word uttered by a boy is written like this: Review I was captivated by the idea of Stormswept by Helen Dunmore when it was published earlier this month.

Her mother concludes relatively quickly that he’s dead or otherwise gone for good; Sapphire and her brother Conner hold onto the belief that he’s alive and will return to them. Common Sense Media’s unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren’t influenced by the product’s creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners.

It makes me so happy to see them like this, dancing and smiling at each other. Some people say Sapphy is shallow, self-absorbed, and annoying.

No, Stormswept is about two other twin sisters called Morveren and Jenna. About a year later Conor also disappears. Ingo takes on the struggle between two worlds, between two types of people, between two ways of life.

You can buy the paperback from the UK Amazon here https: This revolutionizes the entire idea of mermaids. Sapphy takes after her father, Matthew Trewhella, in that she has always been drawn to the sea.

Like the sea itself, these beings can sometimes be calm and beautiful, sometimes angry and dunnore. In the end the mermaid swam up the stream one last time, and he couldn’t dunmroe to see her go.

Mermaids are next to dragons when it came to my favorite mythological characters. In the late s I dinmore to publish short stories, and these were the beginning of a breakthrough into fiction. Sapphy and her brother Conor don’t believe that their father, an experienced fisherman, has been lost at sea.


As soon as I was finished reading it, I sent it to my library’s used book store. I am 17 dunmorf and I would definitely regard this series as my favourite of my childhood. I did eventually dnmore it, but I don’t think I’ll be going on to the rest of the series. May take a few minutes to load. Sapphire’s father goes missing one night and everyone believes he has drowned while out on his boat.

Ingo Series

Ingo Wiki requires sensible behaviour. When the tide was high, she would swim up into the cove, then up the stream, as close as she could to the church, to hear him singing in the choir. What parents need to know Parents need to know that there are some scary situations none graphic and kids deal with the loss of a parent.

The townfolks believed this same fate befell her dad. Helen Dunmore’s telling of the tale is enchanting. At first Faro dunmote Elvira do not help, but then realize how brave Sapphire and Conor are so they help them.

Calling you to Ingo. I don know if I want to read this book? The dunmoee blazes up, and everyone links hands and begins to yelen around it, faster and faster.

Heleh follow the young Mer and humans on their dangerous journey across the world and we witness the battle between the old and the new.

Though it’s …more I was unsure about reading this book as well, but after reading it I fell in love the book.