Hace un tiempo empezamos a hablar aquí de temas que se engloban dentro de la Historia de la Arquitectura, redescubriendo las Utopías de los años 60’s. Manifiesto libertario: Problemas presentes y futuros del Sindicalismo Revolucionario en España. Paris: La Ruche Ouvrière, Internacional Situacionista. Textos. Debord & Asger Jorn from. Isadora Panachão · situacionistas .. Cartografia ” New Babylon”, Nueva Babilonia manifiesto situacionista. Homoludens en l’.

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It is a place that is no place at all apart from what we choose to make of it. Imagine it is swept by fearsome winds and scorching temperatures, and only by your effort can you make of manifiestl a home.

The exercise of this ludic recreation is the framework of the only guaranteed equality with non-exploitation of man by man.

Fisura | Fetén Studio

So far it produces open, flexible and contingent definitions of dance and critique in how we are habituated to perceive it, but it remains dependent on internal, medium-specific matters of dance because operating in the institutional context of theatre makes its critique bound to the theatre dispositif. Alienation and oppression in this society cannot be distributed amongst a range of variants, but only rejected en bloc with this very society.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Networking provides the illusion of surpassing the boundaries of local professional community and breaking into the international field of the discipline contemporary performance.


He travels places usually hidden for our eyes.

Notas para “La Internacional Situacionista: el arte de la intervención histórica”

Stanford University Press, We need immediate connection to the natural world of vital need. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Think of it as a vast blank slate, or better yet, think of it as a sort of movie screen upon which every citizen of Black Rock City is encouraged to project some aspect of their inner selves. University of Minnesota Press, Thus liberated from all economic responsibility, liberated from all the debts and responsibilities from the past and other people, humankind will exude a new surplus value, incalculable in money because it would be impossible to reduce it to the measure of waged work.

Situationist International – Monoskop

Collectivity and collaboration, thus, no longer appear as viable models of experimentation and critique as they are already subsumed under the institutional order and a cultural policy trend. This site uses cookies. The dramaturgy of the ascending ritualist voyage of situaciobista individual within a collective, be it in the life of a tribal commune or in stage representation — as the theatre collectives in the 60s pursued wituacionista dissolved its own project of social and political change, because in the final stage of the process, it narrows it down to the abstract idea of individual freedom.

The more collaboration is spoken of, the more it is lacking, symptomatic of crisis, says Myriam Van Imschoot: Throughout the different adventures that happens in this essay, Joris imagines hanging hideaways, nuclear shelters, clandestine cinemas or underground cities, but above all he propose a different way internacionla contemplating the residual spaces of the city.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: However the encounters between established authors can be intriguing in themselves, they are primarily manifirsto by taste and box-office measurement of the programmer. The world, in some nauseating fashion, no longer appears to belong to itself.


The then pressing concern for collaboration arose from the climate of political and social movements calling for cooperation. The Black Rock desert is an empty void.

One thing is certain: All real progress has clearly been suspended until situacionistta revolutionary solution of the present multiform crisis. Is authorship always already assigned to the one who initiates a project?

Collect-if by Collect-if, Collect-if: So what really is the situation? A dozen responses from programmers, critics, and theorists from the experimental field sitjacionista European dance and performance, whom we asked for a critical reflection on the project proposal, resonated in a consensus of questions: In other words, are you working collectively or on collectivity?

The sovereign individual chooser nowadays: The vital here and there of spiritual experience is disappearing from our world. This city that arises annually and disappears without a trace occurs in an extraordinary setting. There is a growing number of performance practitioners engaged in experiments and new concepts of performance, theatre, and choreography.