IRFA datasheet, IRFA circuit, IRFA data sheet: FAIRCHILD – Advanced Power MOSFET,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. IRFA Advanced Power MOSFET FEATURES. Avalanche Rugged Technology Rugged Gate Oxide Technology Lower Input Capacitance Improved Gate. Details, datasheet, quote on part number: IRF IRFA Advanced Power MOSFET. IRFB V N-channel B-FET / Substitute of IRF & IRFA.

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Adjust VR to 26kv using a high voltage probe.

The part of the main PCB is Check voltages off the SMPS. I need the value. I am really hesitant to go this route as resetting the purity and convergence would probably be a nightmare which I may never be able to get right. Only when the horizontal size control is set to expand the image at minimun, the image turns stable.

HP da monitor, I need the values of R and R Try LJ Enterprises www.

The screen cracked a few times, then went dead. The ‘S’ version has a faster reverse recovery time. We had two cases with the same problem caused by a shortcircuit between QL3 and the heatsink replace the siliconrubber. Found the power part number VDR may be bad. Where can I find datasheet of stv or stvb ic was replaced but in vain?

Try Mag Innovision, since they made this chassis. They come up run for a few hours then just shut down. Try checking for any cracked connections around the flyback on the G board.


By replacing the above parts and repairing the power supply this can last for between days and weeks. Everything displayed in white is now pink. Very common problem with this unit. It seems to be something other than the pot.

Changed flyback and Q with originals from KdsR, The display is out of focus when turned on. This appears to be a design problem. When replaced, it burns out in 1 second. The low voltage to operate the smps is 6 v but should be at least 8,5 v. IBM monitor, manuf. Checked both HOTS and saw that a mosfet in the switching power supply had gone bad but I do not have any part k Check for open resistor R 91K 1W.

I have checked all the remarked components anyway. Also is seems very hard to remove the CRT-base board – how is this achieved might be glued on? Samsung SyncMaster 3Ne monitor, the screen is only showing half of the video, and is folded over on top. I might even try mounting a heatsink using this technique on a new chip sometime. Princeton monitor FCC Kdsevokd What is the full marking or what equivelent can be used? Well, there are some caps known to cause shutdowns in the HV4 chassis. Since pincushion is a function of the yoke circuitry, where do I go now?


However all the SMPS voltages and the voltage at Datashedt output transistor collector plus the control grid voltage of volts remain stable. I would have either installed a new chip or attempted this repair only after discussing it with the owner had this not been mymonitor, but I was curious and had nothing to loose.


Other colors look ok. The center of the heatsink I left wide enough to just fit on the surface of the chip, making sure the fins would not be too close to the pins. I have yet to locate the defective part. Pin 4 Video out. Found HOT Q shorted, replaced. Also the original R looked to be too small to be 25 watt, should it not be 0.

IRF634A PDF Datasheet浏览和下载

There is a crispy resistor in the position of J, I need the value. Customer says that originally, only the blue signal was bad and red has gone only recently. Korea data system EVOKDG monitor, all controls are working properly, picture ok but intermittent unstable shakey.

One of the problems with these monitors is that some svga video cards, when they change modes, put out a very fast rise time spike on the horzontal line and it kills the horizontal output transistor MJM