The Invention of Thanksgiving: A ritual ofAmerican nationality. Janet Siskind Critique of Anthropology ; 12; DOI: /X The Invention of ThanksgivingA ritual ofAmerican nationality Janet Siskind Thanksgiving was ‘invented’ in its present form at the end of the 19th century. ByJanet Siskind. Pages DownloadPDF MB. Though traditions are invented and nations imagined, Thanksgiving is a day on which all.

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Federal recognition has been, in my experience, a sort of chess match that the Bureau of Indian Affairs has played with many tribes over ceding land with natural resources, whether it is the government designating reservation thankwgiving to particular tribes, or tribes losing their aboriginal territories, and therefore their federal recognition.

Like the turkey, Indians were either wild or domesticated. By not participating in this American tradition, I am seen as un-american. This action by Massasoit was probably our greatest mistake… James retells this account with the strong insightful detail of knowing the name of the Wampanoag tribal leader sisiind had chosen to befriend the pilgrims and a number of unsavory actions the pilgrims had committed that are never mentioned in colonial history books, but have nonetheless been tbanksgiving down through the oral tradition.

Why this list of federally recognized tribes was not created during the initial establishment of the B. In light of the true histories of Thanksgiving and the holiday taking place during Native American Heritage Month, I would like to ask that Stanford University take the utmost initiative in declaring that the week off be changed on the calendars to a Week of Remembrance, in reflection of the colonial histories of Native American people and the overwhelming amount of systematic violence that has or may affect members of all community centers on campus every year.

I think that in light of what occurred, our support for each other shows a great deal thanksgivinh understanding and attempting to decolonize oppressive systems. Another crucial piece to this argument is how the past accounts and lived experiences of Native Americans around Thanksgiving are perceived when brought up in contemporary society. In my experiences of constructively protesting Thanksgiving at Arrillaga Dining, I noted how seemingly invisible I felt to a number of people that had surely read the flyers handed to them and had experienced the multi-cultural awareness to issues of systematic violence and oppression.

One such experience written down by James goes as follows: With a laugh, Thanksgiiving fire marshall determined that we were not an obstruction of safety and he, along with the police, left immediately.


This action by Massasoit was probably our greatest mistake….

Within the twentieth century, the general occasion becomes the emphasis on family gathering for all classes, whether that be close family, non-nuclear family members or friends. By participating in the family homecoming, I am also at a fault of not acknowledging the injustices that occurred to Native people in the creation of the Thanksgiving holiday. Nevertheless, in order to properly honor the continued existence of Native American people in the U.

thanksgivint This past Thanksgiving Invenion, I was greatly assisted in facilitating a multi-cultural, non-violent protest on the day of Thanksgiving at Arrillaga Dining at Stanford University, in order to bring greater attention to the current systematical oppressions that have been occurring throughout the Americas. This holiday has come to take on a great deal of meaning in contemporary society, as fathers and mothers are given one, if not multiple days off from their work schedule, to spend with family and friends as a great feast is often provided, to which everyone expresses what they are thankful for.

Once people had retrieved their food buffet style, On each table was another flyer that informed people of the 43 Ayotzinapa students that were detained by Mexican government officials, then handed over to the infamous diskind Guerreros Unidos, who killed and disposed of sisknid inhumanely. Siskind also took to analyzing the symbolic significance behind the Thanksgiving turkey, a bird which happens to be indigenous to North America. Inhe was asked to deliver a speech at the spot in Plymouth where the original Thanksgiving was supposed to have occurred Oyate One of the problems that I can see with the overall invented tradition process is how the fictitious continuity would compete with the historical past accounts and ivnention experiences.

As they occupied the lower parts of the stairwell with the sprawled out postures analogous to a murder event, the top platform was where two protesters were stationed to pass out flyers about the colonial and American Victorian histories of how Thanksgiving was associated with Native American oppression and genocide. A safety threat is something that is definitely visible, but the denotation as dangerous beings was not the type of recognition we deserved.

One part thanksgiging the protest was designated to the Ferguson protesters, whose operations center around the overwhelming number of unarmed black people being gunned down by police officers in the U.

The Decolonization of Thanksgiving | Natives In America

The co-occurrence of wild and domesticated birds makes a perfect metaphor for Native Americans. Although not as absent as the years prior that the Wampanoag people had persevered through before being granted recognition, some of the defining histories that the Wampanoag are known by to the Bureau may be influenced by the very popular story of the indians and the pilgrims, thus perpetuating the cycle of the continuance of the story.


This was a concern that was greatly expressed in siskins speech. Lastly, there were a significant number of students, some joining in after hearing about the protest, that sat in chairs on the outskirts and facing the buffets with an empty plate to signify that they were fasting in remembrance and acknowledgement of all these atrocities that have occurred.

The Decolonization of Thanksgiving

We each had a portion to contribute and played crucial roles in the multi-ethnic and racial information that we were attempting to get across, something that would not have been as potent had we been separate, isolated events. Our greatest opposition to our peaceful protest was the Dining Hall Administration, who felt the need to call in the police and the fire marshall to determine whether or not students were obstructing entry and exit points, making them a fire hazard to be forcibly removed.

Pleck had implied from this that Hale was referring to what symbolizes a model American family; janer self-made, yet obedient to the family reunion centered around Thanksgiving.

Perhaps he did this because his Tribe had been depleted by an epidemic, or his knowledge of the harsh on-coming winter was the reason for his peaceful acceptance of these acts. Around the time that Frank James had written this invengion, the Wampanoag tribe from Massachusetts that he descended from did not exist in the eyes of the federal government.

My hope is that a significant change such as this would encourage students to engage in the deeper struggles of humanity tthanksgiving all groups are faced with and that in the time given off, they are encouraged to engage in the betterment of society as they so choose. Nevertheless, the feast that occurred between the Wampanoag and Pilgrims is perpetuated as the end-all-be-all of interracial relations between settlers and Native America as a whole.