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The scene is then replayed to demonstrate how you subtly manipulated their memories while making them think something else entirely was going on. A few people over in the Penny forum have been asking about my forthcoming book, which has been scheduled to be released Real Soon Now for quite a while. And I also suspect that joshus who’s ever done the “Elephant in Denmark” thing which is a LOT of people will feel, either consciously or subconsciously, like they’re being led in the exact same way.

There’s nothing in it for him. The spectator mentally chooses three items from the book no force, any page, any words, etc. One thing I want to bring up is Deckquivoque. Like the Billion Monkeys Book Test, but without the book. John Riggs Please Choose: In the right hands, this paraleis is a gem Report this review Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on April 2nd, You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash.


Further remnants of the author’s former life as a card junkie: Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. I ask because the exchange rate is currently not my friend. Alternately, you can also reveal matching pairs as you go, or involve multiple spectators, having them each match one pair of symbols.

Joshua Quinn – Paralies – $ : Fantasystore!, The Art of Magician

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An experiment in “memory misdirection. In the right hands, this qhinn a book that will serve as a constant spring of inspiration and a model for how mentalists should continue to think, play, and work into the 21st century. A hidden-in-plain-sight prediction of a mentally chosen playing card, which can serve as a revelation, a means of subconscious influence, or both.

Magic Tricks

A demonstration of invisibility through suggestion. If you want to read minds without any worries and be always ready to create a deep impression, you need the UPD.

These are only a few of the highlights from ParaLies, the highly-anticipated, first full-length book by Joshua Quinn. As a kicker, you reveal that you did correctly predict the number after all.

The Magic Cafe Forums – ParaLies – new mentalism from Joshua Quinn

He is obviously very passionate about his art and it was inspiring to read his book. Effects that rely on making people see things, patterns, and causal connections that aren’t really there or occasionally vice-versa.

Powered by Zen Cart Privacy Notice. Combined Joshua’s “Billion Monkeys” with Banachek’s “Brain Game” at the right moment, and someone could walk away thinking you have supernatural powers.


I admire the inventiveness of the construction, but it feels far too complicated for the task it’s trying to accomplish. Quinn, I’ve said it before and Oaralies say it again.

Your support throughout this project has been awesome. If you loved the thinking and methods behind ‘Ascension’ and ‘Conjunction’ then you already know the value and quality of Joshua’s work.

Universal Peek Device (UPD) by Alan Wong and Pablo

As a kicker, you reveal that you did correctly predict the number after all. Since I’m finally ironing out the last of the kinks, this seemed like the right time and place to officially announce it. There are too many things in this book to talk about, its that good. His first trick to boot is Bendito which is a great way to bend a coin in their face. Hi Quinn, This sounds like another winner and I can’t wait until it’s release.

Kinesis, I’m shooting for two weeks. Thwarpie A practical, reliable Sharpie thumb tip writer that you can make in about five minutes, using items you probably already have around the house provided you’re a magic geek who has a spare thumb tip lying around.

Everyone can see both images, yet a moment later, the volunteer insists that there was only one image there. Home New Products Contact Us.