You want to buy a sauna? Here you will find quickly and easily the most. The sauna heater has always been the heart of the sauna. Discover our range. Discover a KLAFS sauna & spa showroom near you.

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Or you can take over as stage director: You can choose from red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and violet light, or you can choreograph impressive light displays just as one sees in the open air.

With 30 kg of pollutant-free and extremely klaf olivine stones, it is also far superior to conventional heaters and ensures countless hours of healthy relaxation in your sauna.

Here, infrared-C radiation generates radiant energy to warm his back more intensely. Heating a large tub of water for washing required a great deal of energy, but people quickly discovered a more rational approach — to heat stones and place these inside a pit or an enclosed room and intensively heat a confined space.

All of our heaters impress thanks to their modern design — no matter which size you choose: For even greater comfort, a clever mechanism enables it to be pulled forwards 10 cm. For your inspiration, we have compiled examples for your home small sauna heaters and for the commercial sauna large sauna heaters.

Just take the arm hold of the leather loop and double the reclining area. Borussia goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller, however, is one step ahead of the rest of his team: Discover more about made to ssauna installations. This North American conifer is particularly well suited for use in saunas because it releases heat so evenly.

No pro- blem at all, because the Sauna S1 switches off automatically after four hours.


Only five questions need to be answered and then our sauna finder will make an individual recommendation. The integrated RelaxAudio system will do just that.

Individual design

Comprehensive advice, sophisticated design and the highest quality are therefore all-important factors when choosing the right heater. More jlafs individual sauna design. So it stands to reason that the Sauna S1 heater is its centerpiece. Inspiration sauna heaters Inspiration for hotel, thermal bath und spa. We can offer certified quality saunas, such as the HOME model. Its modern appearance, high-quality materials and innovative safety concept are unrivaled.

Take a closer look at KLAFS products

Thanks to its safety sensor system, the sauna stops if something gets in the way during the extension or retraction process. The new sauna S1. The choice of sauna heater depends not only on the design, but above all on the size of the cabin, because the heater must be able to heat the kkafs sauna to the desired temperature within a reasonable period of time.

Swiss pine is rumored to have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Since the dawn of time, people klafe felt the need to purify their bodies.

Roman Weidenfeller’s Spa dream come true. All you have to do now is decide which version best suits your style. First you plan and then you buy your exclusive dream sauna.

Four SensoCare sensors control the intensity automatically. Steam baths originated in Russia, but were known in southern and central Europe back in Roman times. Do you value proven quality? The same surface finish is used for the side panels, front, and ceiling, with side windows available upon request.

As individual as their owners: Our MAJUS free-standing heater achieves this thanks to an exceptionally low load on the heating elements, premium materials such as stainless steel or cast aluminium and the strict separation of the heating elements from the sauna stones. It transforms ,lafs entire rear wall of the sauna klafw a loudspeaker membrane and offers an impressive listening experience — even for the sophisticated music lover.


Roman Weidenfeller is very in demand.

All our heaters are characterised by high quality, safety and durability. For example, with the sauna app. Do you want to buy a sauna? There are six pre-set, fascinating natural spectacles: The new sauna S1 is the first in the world that can retract at the touch of a button – just like a zoom lens on a camera When retracted, the Sauna S1 is a svelte 60 cm and no deeper than the average closet.

Buy a sauna at KLAFS: sauna purchase and consulting

Excellent design for an optimal feel-good climate. This stone-filled heat dispenser also plays a central role in our products. Scroll top Scroll bottom. So gentle, in fact, that it stops automatically if something gets in the way. This wood is also said to enhance well-being and promote deep, restful sleep.

Experience KLAFS saunas and spas

Do you have your own ideas and want to adapt the sauna individually and exclusively according to those ideas and your room? For the interior we took different types of wood into account. At the same time, fresh outside air is drawn in, warmed by hot exhaust air passing by, and guided into the cabin interior.