Download Citation on ResearchGate | PENERAPAN KONSEP TRI HITA KARANA DALAM LINGKUNGAN PERMUKIMAN PERDESAAN (Kasus. Tri Hita Karana, which literally translates as the Three Causes to Prosperity, bringing about harmonious relationships. This universal concept ties together the . Dari hal inilah terlahir konsep pengembangan Pariwisata. Budaya paradigma budaya dari konsep “Tri Hita Karana” merujuk pada tiga harmonisasi hubungan.

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It is a universal strategy to preserve the balance, compatibility and the harmony of life on Mother Earth. Views Read Edit View history. View original from jurnal. Tri means three, Hita means prosperity, and Karana means the causes. Socioeconomics of Agriculture and Agribusiness. Meanwhile, limitation of the ability of subak irrigationsystem to overcome the extreem conditions, basically can be solved through theharmony and togetherness, based on the Tri Hita Karana THK principles as a basicof subak system.

How to cite item. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages. And then, through Fuzzy Set Theory can be seen the dominance or karwna of the all elements of subak system, which is also as a consideration on the transformation process. Futhermore, through inverse technique, it can be seen the ability ofsubak system, that can be transformed.

Transformasi Sistem Irigasi Subak yang Berlandaskan Konsep Tri Hita Karana

Article Tools Print this article. User Username Password Remember me. The Balinese believe that there is only one God, but that God has limitless wisdom. The Balinese Hindu has a unique way to apply the Parahyangan Wisdom, in that they always have to remember the fact that humans are a part of the Mother Universe. Berpikir Global Berperilaku Lokal I. But it is beyond that, as the Parahyangan concept tries to create the awareness that each individual in this planet has to believe that they are part of God, and God is inside them, in a hope that people will be able to control their minds and emotions towards their spiritual living on Earth.


Three Balinese Wisdom Concept. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat Keywords Transformation; subak irrigation system.

The yita of Tri Hita Karana guides many aspects of Balinese life, from daily rituals, communal gotong-royong cooperation practice, to spatial organization in Balinese architecture. Article Metrics Abstract views: The decline of morality, honesty and spiritual values of some Indonesian people in theform of dependence on illicit drugs such as drugs, child sexual abuse, infidelity spread amongthe community.

Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages.

It is also reflected in the natural irrigation system on the island known as subakwhich consists of cooperatively managed weirs and canals that draw from a single water source. And how should we do that?

Moreover, Pawongan is reflecting the existence of the appreciation of humanity, mutual value, respect and off course human rights. The statues and other creations placed in a pura become as the media to focus on certain wisdoms of the universe. Human beings who have talent in terms of idep mind should strive to implementthe teachings of tri hita karana in everyday life with always God Almighty.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. THK principles as a basic of subak system.


Tri Hita Karana

Email the author Login required. Subak irrigation system beside as an appropriate technological system, but as acultural system as well. It is believed that the harmony among trri three aspects can generate a maximum benefit to the spiritual, mental and physical well being of humans.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The festive sounds of gamelan ….

Transformasi Sistem Irigasi Subak yang Berlandaskan Konsep Tri Hita Karana – Neliti

Because only humans can and can practice the teachings of tri hita karanain everyday life. Others believe that God will be angry if we forget about him. Because of subak system is viewed as a technological system, so this system has an ability to be transformed. Gita advantage to good karma trri the opportunity to live inthe birth of a human being equipped with advantages, especially the potential of Eyelash.

The literal translation is roughly the “three causes of well-being” or “three reasons for prosperity. The values of honesty, exemplaryity, fragility of character, identity, crisis ofconfidence and moral degradation are not only among teenagers, but also in old karrana whoshould provide guidance and guidance to the young generation, corruption among officialsgovernment with the number of occurring hand-catch operation as a sign that humans at thistime have no shame.