Title in English: Termodynamika a statistická fyzika II. Guaranteed by: Institute of J. Kvasnica: Statistická fyzika: Academia, Praha, L. E. Reichl: A Modern. Title in English: Termodynamika a statistická fyzika. Guaranteed by: Institute of J. Kvasnica: Statistická fyzika (Academia, Praha, ). M. Noga, F. Čulík: Úvod. Kvasnica Statistická Fyzika Ed1 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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The interpretation of basic ideas and laws of thermodynamics is based on its statistical description. The course is oriented on classical thrmodynamics and statistical physics. Thermodynamic properties of a file of free electrons in the metal.

Fluctuation theory, equivalence of statistical ensembles.

Aim of the course – Czech English. Gibbs – Helmholtz equation. Statistische Physik, Zimmermann-Neufang, Ulmen First-order phase transitions, phase diagram.

Thermodynamic potentials energy, statistivk energy, enthalpy, Gibbs function.

University Study Programmes – VŠB-TUO

Microstates, macrostates, ensemble of systems. Fundamentals of nonequilibrium statistical physics Evolution equations for nonequilibrium ensemble BBGKY equationsthe kinetic Boltzmann equation, Boltzmann H theorem. Students are graded according to the results of the oral and written exam. Grand canonical partition function.


Exescises are available at http: For the 3rd year of the TF study.

Requirements to the exam – Czech. Faculty of Mining and Geology. Equilibrium and stability conditions. Some features may not be available.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Fundamentals of statistical mechanics Classical statistical mechanics Macroscopic and microscopic states, ergodic systems and thermodynamic limit.

Force, work, and heat.

Gas of classical interacting particles Interacting dilute gas, classical cluster, group, and virial expansion. Temperature, the meaning of temperature for large systems, thermal equilibrium, Boltzmann distribution, the meaning of temperature for small systems, partition function, negative temperature.

Classification of phase transitions. Literature – Czech English. Probability description, distribution function, density of states, kinetic master equation, ergodic assumption, the principle of detailed balance. Correlation functions and response functions, fluctuation-dissipation theorem. Classical statistical mechanics Macroscopic and microscopic states, ergodic systems and thermodynamic limit. Transport phenomena, Boltzmann kinetic equation.

Identical particles, quantum statistical ensembles, the classical limit.


Your browser does not support JavaScript, or its support is disabled. Thermodynamic properties of photons file. Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Annotation – Czech English. Ideal Bose and Fermi gas. Classical staristick quantum harmonic oscillator. Reversible and irreversible processes, the criterion of reversibility of the process.

Cambridge University Press, Classical limit of quantum theory, Liouville theorem, density matrix, Liouville equation, equipartition theorem, fermions, bosons. The second law of thermodynamics for irreversible processes.

Statistical Mechanics, 2nd edition, J. Third law of thermodynamics. Canonical and great canonical ensemble, thermodynamic potentials, homogeneity. Syllabus – Czech English.

Kvasnica, Jozef

Course succeeds to compulsory courses of previous semester. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The canonical Gibbs ensemble.

Asymmetric diatomic gas, vacancies in solid, Gibbs paradox.