La Saga de Geralt de Rivia 7. La Dama del Lago Vol. 1 [Andrzej Sapkowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. La dama del lago 1 [Andrzej Sapkowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La dama del lago 1 by Andrzej Sapkowski, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The thing is I wouldn’t have minded any of that had her Mary-Sueness not manipulated the plot into something dell, something dull and dulling and just so mundane. It felt like the author wrote her with the intention of making her a legendary figure, but ended up making it look like generic self-insert fanfiction.

La dama del lago (Saga Geralt de Rivia #7) by Andrzej Sapkowski (2 star ratings)

Geralt’s time with Fringilla Vigo does not fit his character. Return to Book Page.

I tried to read plot summaries of the other books to refresh my memory, but this lack of continuity may have contributed to my low ranking of this book. All in all, I loved the story of Geralt and him as a character, but I expected far more from an author whose way of writing in the dma resembled Tolkien and Martin.

La dama del lago

A certain other author comes to mind. You will be so immersed in the world, in the story of the Witcher, that you will forget about all else. Sapkovski i ovde briljira. I thought the book overall was really good Was it worth the sapkowwski

La dama del lago 1

He did such a masterful job with the voices, male, female, children, dwarves, monsters etc As for plot, it’s like all the others—interesting in some places and supre Better than the previous volume. The book starts with a lot of jumping around to different viewpoints – Ciri and Galahad, two sorceresses in the future looking back on these events in their past, the emperor of Nilfgaard and Ciri’s double, and a quick peek in on Yennefer in captivity.

I like that Ciri found someone, but th The ending almost made this slog of a read worth it, some of which is written through viewpoints of characters about whom the reader simply doesn’t care. I liked the idea that nothing was black and white But this one flew along, wrapped up, and solidly ended as though the series is now over, and I am left sitting here a bit stunned, having not expected that AT ALL. Even the main characters made so many out-of-character decisions. Best part was Ciri in elf country, she is my favourite character in the series.


Geralt chases a trail behind Yennifer and Ciri, Yennifer contends with the other sorceresses in the Lodge, and Ciri grapples with her destiny.

The Lady of the Lake is the final entry in the Witcher Saga at least chronologically. Personally, I think it would have been fitting that someone who risked his life so many times for others died saving close friends. The first collection of short stories, ‘The Last Wish’, was the best creation in the entire franchise.

It is difficult to say why I kept reading to the very very bitter end, since the series was getting increasingly worse by every page.

La dama del lago 1 : Andrzej Sapkowski :

We get POVs from side characters that are paid little more than lip-service in previous volumes and get a lot of returning characters from throughout the saga, giving this a truly epic conclusion feel. However, towards the dle it did become a little confusing at points. I really really really wanted to like this book because I thoroughly loved sapkowaki rest of the books not the prequels though.

Ciri could have her freedom…but only if she would agree to bear his child. After the knight mistakes her for the Lady of the Lake which causes Ciri to correct his error, the two of them start talking and she begins to sakowski the tale of what she has been up to since the Tower of Swallows.

I cannot put this on the level as Gulag Archipelago, it did not change so much in my life as Meditations by Marcus Aurelius yet it is profound.

Thank you for this. Dana Askay rated it did not like it Nov 13, It seems as if the plot moves along without them: Geralt and Yennefer have withstood torture, grievous wounds, and much more in order to protect Ciri, so their easy, calm, and romantic suicide pact while Ciri gets dragged of to be raped by her father is just NOT plausible.

I adored and admired almost all the characters, an dxma indicator of skill on the author’s behalf you know, but by the end they were made lame, “pathetic”, simple and dumb.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Pero, por encima de todo, me ha encantado su manera de describir los combates. adma


Se devono morire, che sia una morte degna – o, quantomeno, sakowski bene. It seemed that the portal she entered there had taken her to a different world, one where the Elves reigned. The ending was also exceeding disappointing and quite frankly pointless. There’s a narrative technique, fairly common in film or TV, where a group of characters is ddl a discussion might be a full-on interrogation; might be a group of friends in a bar booth and somebody says, “So, we were in the village square, asking directions to the inn, and this urchin comes up to us The last page of this one promises that the story will continue.

I’m reading on kindle and mark me pages! Her time with the elves is borderline bawdy and unnecessary to the plotline. You feel it, down to every pebble on sappkowski road. The mushy and constant declarations of love being traded between Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer are also completely out of character.

This being said, this book was great right up until the end. Meanwhile, back in her home world, the northern armies and the Nilfgaardian forces are still at war. Someday eventually I will get damma play The Witcher 3! You never really get a feel for why Regis was with them, and Cahir doesn’t really have a moment that feels like it wraps up his arc.

I w So many things happened in this book that I can barely remember the first half, despite starting it a week ago! Fried Potato rated it did not like it Sep 22, The beginning of this book dragged on forever. Ciri made them cross to the other side, the symbolism about the lake, the river and the rowboat is pretty clear. Other books in the series. I hope some ddel who read this are actually offended by that, because if men aren’t annoyed that the media think they’re obsessed with sex and need tits and legs just to watch or interact with something, then there’s no hope at all.

We begin with Ciri, who is in “the land of the elves”, which is spin-doctoring for our world.