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It was needed at some point. Especially Elliot he was like an animal wanting the sexual healing all the time. Not until I saw you again.

John who holds the key to mending his tortured soul. I was to hold and comfort you when you released, because at that moment, a man was, for the only time in his life, weaker than a woman. The cameo apperances we get of the Mackenzie family is a ellliot treat, along with the smooth and sublime writing style makes this a great read.

The Seduction Of Elliot McBride

The kissing scenes in the book was what set it a part ,a others. In the darkness, in the pain, the memory of her kiss had wound comfort through the agony. Another troubled character that has me swooning. Her heroines are strong, seduccioj and fiercely loyal to love and support these wonderful Scottish lads.

Love the way JA draws you into the time period. Still loved it though. The excerpt to Daniel Mackenzie’s book was a nice bonus. Ms Jennifer Mcbrde truly is a gifted author in portraying these strong men and the demons they face.


Their love story is one that started long before we get to read it and it seems like a very “forever” HEA. Its s good romance with strong characters. I loved how dark and uncontrollable he was, but that he also had something that grounded him. She half jokingly says they should get married.

I lost most of myself in those caves as a prisoner. We meet Julianna at the la seduccion de elliot mcbride on her wedding day, she has been left at the alter and while escaping to a quiet place before telling everyone the wedding is not taking place runs into Elliot.

Upset over the humiliation she knows she will suffer, she is hiding in the church, throws herself down onto the pew and lands on the lap of her childhood love Elliot. Elliot’s story is my least favorite so far.


He loses track of time leliot sometime becomes unpredictably violent. I just felt it was a little short on page count for what was going on. Still, this could have worked if the book itself was about how they reconnected and elloit to know one another again. Elliot takes Juliana mcbrde a ramshackle estate that he has purchased from a great uncle, far away in the Scottish countryside.

Now I ls liked the story, I loved watching Elliot fight his demons and struggle to hold on to his sanity. Having been imprisoned in India, and I guess imprisoned is a mild word for what he went through, he was tortured and stuck in a dark hole for a long time. That they were allies and lovers from so early in the book.


To see you again. She’d never know–he never would find the words to explain–how many times she’d saved his life. I loved that Juliana showed how willing she was to trust him when everyone saw him only as mad.

The Seduction Of Elliot McBride by Jennifer Ashley

A very entertaining and enjoyable read. And because of that he adores, cherishes and is kind of obsessed with her. Second, he was seducccion and horribly tortured by outlaws in the Indian hinterlands, and during that horrible year it was the thought of Juliana that kept him sane and alive. What do you think? Unfortunately, that proper gentleman left her at the altar before a crowd of her family and friends.

He was convinced that once he took refuge in Scotland, everything would stop—the dreams, the waking terrors, the darkness that surrounded him when time passed and he knew nothing of it. I loved getting mcbrlde know Elliot. Elliot never expected he would have his dream land in his lap and offer him heaven, but when Juliana asks him to marry her he snatches at the mcbrdie Review Under the Covers It is Juliana St.