Notice: These pages are no longer maintained and/or contain outdated information – Please refer to the official upstream LTSP-Wiki for current. Official Ubuntu Documentation Site. Application Documentation. Gnome Documentation Library LTSP Documentation. LTSP Manual · Manual page for Introduction. LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project. It allows you to set up a diskless workstation environment with not much effort. The Edubuntu DVD ships .

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One can also add host specific entries in LDAP. The default values are defined under [default] ; to configure one client, specify it in terms of its MAC address or IP address like this: Microsoft Windows users can connect docu,entation the thin client server running xrdp without installing additional software – they simply start a Remote Desktop Connection on their Windows machine and connect.


Linux based thin clients have proven to be extremely reliable because tampering and viruses are virtually non-existent. If you already have an address configured on a card, the utility will warn you about it. Make sure the network drivers are included as modules. The ltsp-server package amongst others ships a command called ltsp-build-client.

If you understand German, http: Call it ExcludeProfileDirs Enter a semicolon-separated list of paths to exclude in the same way as for a machine policy Now you can tlsp to export this registry key as a. It’s a good idea to copy it to your Windows OS deployment system to have it included at install time. Look at the next upcoming meeting to see which topics will be discussed.


The client machines boot directly from the LTSP server documrntation a local hard drive. On an installed system, you will have to install LTSP in order to use it.

One municipality in Norway has provided NX support to all students since Using the default PXE menu on the main subnet To make sensible use of poledit. First up is the kernel, which needs to be put inside the tftproot.

You need to select the “Try Edubuntu without Installing” option from the boot menu to start up to a full desktop session. At the moment, X configuration is disabled. All the clients will PXE-boot from this server and load the Skolelinux image.

If all is well, LDM will be started by ltsp-client and it should be possible to log in with a user on the server.

Raspi-LTSP Documentation

People who want to use roaming profiles should know what they are doing This can be done by setting one of the different documentatioj build profiles. If you already have an Internet connection configured on that network card, and would like to use it during LTSP Live on the thin clients, then you could use an alias on that network card by entering “eth0: Examples of directories to exclude are: Check the sections below for workarounds, and see if an existing bug has been opened before entering a potential duplicate bug.


The pxelinux configuration has to be updated to reflect the documenration in the setup. To have ltspserver00 serve diskless workstations on the main In the documentztion setting below, messages are logged to a file named after each client’s fully qualified domain name.

Centralised master operating system – All the Raspberry Pis boot a single master operating system from the server every boot. To choose another window manager, install it on the server and put the following in the LTSP configuration file replace Fluxbox with the chosen window manager. You should be presented with a window similar to the one above. To documentatin the thin client ltsp use x resolution, add something like this: As an alternative, you could use ldapvisearch odcumentation ‘next server tjener’ and replace tjener with ltspserver Passwords will travel in cleartext over the network, as well as anything else.

As you might have seen in the list of emerged dependencies for ltsp, both for the client and the server, PulseAudio was among them. This web site has Super Cow powers.