Akbar introduced a new system for regulating imperial services which was called Mansabdari system. It was introduced in A. D. All the. MANSABDARI SYSTEM Discuss the evolution of Mansabdari system under Akbar. The Mansabdari system was introduced by Akbar and as a system and. Mansabdari System was a system introduced by Akbar for military administration and territorial commands (grant and revenue) to sustain parts.

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Certain groups began to be identified with certain qualities-Rajput and Pathan soldiers were considered most valuable for their martial prowess and fidelity, for instance. He could enhance the mansab, lower it or remove it. Mansab above and later on that of were given only to princess.

It was a system whereby nobles were granted the rights to syetem a jagir, which meant revenue assignments not land itself for services rendered by them but the authority bestowed upon them was not unbridled but with the direct control sywtem these nobles in the hands of the king.

Organization of Ranks of the Mansabdass: The Mansabdars were sub-divided into the following three grades: The term manasabadar means a person in old times who has a positioning or ranking of a government can give power. The emperor was the sole authority that conferred, decreased, increased and resumed the mansab. The term sywtem literally means position, status or rank, but in context of the structure of the Mughal administration it indicated the rank of mansabdar- that is holder of mansab – in the official hierarchy.

The more exalted grades between commanders of 7, and 10, were reserved for the royal princes. No uniform standard was fixed for arming the soldiers; as a result, there was considerable variation in the weapons borne by them.


Mansabdari System – General Knowledge Today

Log In Sign Up. Please Login to post the question. The 10 was the lowest rank and the ten thousand 10, was the highest. The soldiers recruited by centre were called Dakhili and by Mansabdass were called Ahadi. Wikipedia articles with style issues from September All articles with style issues.

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Akbar introduced Mansabdari system of administration in with the help of Shahbaz Khan. Zat fixed the personal status of a person and the salary due to him. To fix the grades of officers and classify his soldiers, he was broadly inspired by the principles adopted by Chingiz Khan. Mansabs of and above were reserved for the members of the Royal family.

The salary due to the soldiers was added to the personal salary of the mansabdar. Two grades delineated the mansabdars.

Mansabdari System

Out of a total number of mansabdars holding the rank of and above during the reign of Aurangzeb, the khanzads numbered about During the early reign of Systrm, the lowest grade was ten and the highest was 12, Officers were Liable to transfer.

Please Select Your Board First. The mansab or rank was designated by dual representation – one by personal rank called zat and the other by cavalry rank called sawar. Classification of Mansabdari system: Let us get in touch with you Call me. The mansabdars formed the ruling elite in the Mughal Empire. At times, for paying mansabsari to soldiers, a jagir was given to him.

Mansabdari System of Mughals and Rajasthan

Browse free questions and answers by Chapters 1 The Mughal Empire. The Mansabdari system was introduced by Akbar and as a system and institution it was developed by Shahajahan.


Akbar introduced a new system for regulating imperial services which was called Mansabdari system. The mansabxari above 5, were reserved for imperial princes.

All servants of the empire, whether in the civil or military departments, were graded in this system. Your answer has been posted successfully! Till the middle of Akbar’s reign, the highest rank an ordinary officer could hold was that of a commander of 5, Mansabdari System The mansabdars formed the ruling elite in the Mughal Empire. The Mansabdars belonged to both Civil and Military department. Write a short note on the Mansabdari system.

Mansabdari System

Based upon the details given in the Ain-i-Akbari, the mansabdars were paid either in cash naqd or in the form of assignments of areas of land jagir out of which they had the entitlement to collect the land revenue and all other taxes through an authority appointed by the emperor. This led to a certain homogeneity of military traits and the development of tactics particularly suited to the military prowess of individual groups.

Nevertheless, the mansabdari system suffered from many disadvantages as well. It was a rank in Mughal governmental organization. Please enter the verification code sent to your mobile number. They were the Turanis Central AsiansIranis, Afghans, Indian Muslims shaikhzadasRajputs, Marathas and the Deccanis, the last two were recruited by Aurangzeb on aystem scale due to military reasons.

Appointments, Dismissals and promotions of Mansabdars: